The Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

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The biggest mistake we make when we lose weight is to return to our old life and habits. We stop exercising. We stop being thoughtful about how and what we eat. We still put in 10-hour (often unfulfilling) work days and go home stressed and exhausted. We continue poor sleep habits. We never address emotional eating and what’s driving it. We never address the new lower metabolism that resulted from our crash diets — or even realize that it is lower. The entire way in which we approach weight loss and maintenance is flawed and the question you must now ask yourself is whether you prefer to take (on average) a year to lose 30 pounds for good or to lose the same weight over and over and over again for 10+ years.

With Vurb’s mindful approach, there are no fast gimmicks because this is the Life Coach approach and it’s aim is to help you lose weight healthily and keep it off sanely. What you will get are biohacks that help you “cheat” without any negative effects. You will gain new understandings of cravings and emotional eating and get new solutions to manage them.  The most important difference between this and anything else you’ve tried is that instead of learning (or trying) to lose weight, our program helps you create a sustainable multidimensional plan to incrementally incorporate changes into your life that stick.

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We look at the six Life Needs that impact human motivation: physiological, emotional, occupational, social, spiritual and environmental. Deficiencies in any number of these areas could be making it difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off. With a series of questions and prompts, you will id which Life Needs are at issue for you.


Next, for each area that affects YOUR ability to lose and keep weight off, choose real solutions from the provided list. Create a personalized plan that you can commit to NOW.


Our guides are designed for DIY coaching and centered around what we call a mindfully awesome lifestyle (think science + optimal thinking meets mindfulness). If you can and want to go at your pace, the guide alone is right for you.

For some interests and goals, having professional help can make all the difference. If you can afford it and are in the head space for coaching now, please join us for the full program from September to November 2018. Cost: $199.


  • 20 Quick n Tasty recipes you can make every day in 15 minutes or less.
  • Our list of nutritionists to follow on social media for continued inspiration.
  • Interactive Confidence Game – small confidence assignments with varying “rewards.”
  • The What’s Eating You workshop is hosted by a psychologist and looks at the science behind your cravings. Bite-sized assignments will be provided to help you learn to mentally detach from cravings in the future.
  • On-The-Job-Retraining are real life exercises that offer practical solutions for work-life imbalance and time management.
  • And more hands-on exercises that puts your plan into action and help you learn-by-doing.



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2 reviews for The Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

  1. Christine Jary

    Love the layout, the planning checklist and the solutions to restore deficiencies in the six Life Needs areas.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christine Jary

    Well done. This is the sanest most comprehensive approach to weight loss and management I’ve ever seen. Reading it is like having someone in my head clarifying a lot of things I never could put together before.

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