The Mindful Approach to Beat Depression


We'll never change if we go back to the same life and behaviors that created our problems in the first place. The acceptance of this truth is an important part of any permanent change process and is the approach Vurb takes in all things. In this issue, get the coach approach to beat depression using biohacks, neuroscientific understanding of how the brain works, new routines that include creativity and movement and other strategies you'll use to create your own personalized plan for change.



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There is real hope for many cases of chronic depression. This guide is for those cases that are the consequence of past trauma, a ruminating mind, people suffering from fears and insecurities, inactivity, deficiencies in feel good chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocins and serotonin, and the big one — a lack of connection and support.

We call this the “standard-issue” depression. What makes it such a challenge to treat on your own is that the illness “convinces” suffers that the very things they need to get better such as being outdoors, being around people, talk therapy, exercise and taking any prescribed medication, is not worth the effort….or that you can’t do it. This program introduces each of these in a mindful way.

The Mindful Approach to Beat Depression is a one-of-a-kind wellness program that addresses the spiritual, physiological, environmental, occupational, emotional and social deficiencies inherent in depression to build you back up and leave you with a sustainable practice you’ll use for life.



 Module 1

ASSESSMENT: Assess how deficiencies in the six Life Needs has impacted your mood and motivation.

Module 2

CREATE A COMMITTABLE TREATMENT PLAN: With recommended and required strategies, create your own game plan to beat depression.

Module 3

TAKE THOUGHTFUL ACTIONS: By following our prescribed routine for for 30 days, most people begin to feel a little better. From there, they add steps according to their own timetable to ascend a wellness ladder that leads them out of the sunken place of depression to live and grow in the real world on their terms.

With this program, you’re getting a full year’s worth of group coaching. Most people feel markedly better within 6-12 months, however, almost everyone will need to follow some type of anti-depression plan for life to stay healthy. This will include light exercise daily, a minimum exposure to sunlight or light therapy, and other strategies to provide support in the six Life Needs areas.

For each area of the Life Needs model, we provide recommended and mandatory strategies and show you how to follow a sequential order of treatment to level up from the step before it. Here are a few examples.


  • Follow the Mood Cure diet
  • Walk for 20 minutes EVERY morning
  • Do a 15-minute Yoga For Depression routine EVERY night
  • Consider our list of supplements and biohacks for depression
  • Check Thyroid and other medical factors


  • Daily heartfelt meditation practice (MANDATORY)
  • 3-5 hours of bliss seshes per week (List of creative activities provided)
  • Journaling
  • Follow recommendations for Talk Therapy and coaching
  • Choose a purpose-giving activity



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