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Learn to take action and stop putting off your goals and good intentions.

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Happy Hour With Christine

Goal-getters stay motivated when they keep their mood up!

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Christine's style of coaching is based on positive psychology and was exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear. In three months of working with her, I gained more self-awareness than I did in 2 years of therapy. With each habit I changed, my motivation level grew and the changes feel permanent. Tamara Hughes

Over a few sessions, Christine helped me prepare for my 2019 performance review. I was worried I wouldn't get the raise I deserved, and I didn't. Christine advised me to request a second meeting and to bring data and facts to that meeting. With that and other suggestions, I ended up getting 3x the raise I was initially offered! Jennifer Innes

I was feeling lost, uncertain about school and just feeling terrible about myself. Christine first set me up with the right morning routine for me and we re-worked how I was spending the rest of my day. With Christine's coaching, I now have more direction and certainty about my life.  Jeremy Alexander

Christine doesn't use NLP tapping, manifesting phraseology or any of the new-agey stuff many coaches do. She gave me "challenges" that showed me what I could accomplish. We even worked with a stylist to makeover my look. She's the first coach I could actually relate to and I saw real results from working with her. Brittany Connors

I took Meditation classes with Christine and after 4-5 months, I'm noticing positive changes in every area of my life. I'm less reactive, less distracted and sleep much better. I am also more productive at work and no longer feel tired and wiped out at the end of the day. Amanda Singh

Q. What's the #1 reason we don't stick to our goals and good intentions?

A. "Life" gets in the way.

A happier more focused you, WILL get the important stuff done.


Become more productive... by changing one habit at a time.

The Doer's Program is a one-of-a-kind program to build new habits, new neural pathways, and a more confident productive you. Try it risk-free!