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Reprogram your mind, build focus and boundless energy to follow through on your goals and dreams.

Better than Xanax

with only positive side-effects!

Happy Hour With Christine

Lovely ideas to stay focused on what matters, transform your life and bring more joy to it.


your weekly happy pill!
Naomie Harri


Christine's style of coaching is positive psychology based and exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear. I always felt supported and understood but not cuddled and in three months grew more than I did in years of therapy. Tamara Hughes

In the year that I attended Christine's Mindful Meditation class, I noticed a profound difference in my life. I am less reactive, feel more hopeful about the future and handle things like performance reviews at work with more confidence. The proof was in my raise--3x what I got in previous years. Jennifer Innes

I had been feeling lost for a while. I was uncertain about school, family, and myself. Christine gave me a series of exercises to do that is giving me more direction and a greater sense of accomplishment. I'm so grateful that I found you!! Thank you, thank you!!  Jeremy Alexander

I've tried coaching before. All were very new-agey with lots of feel-good speeches, NLP and manifesting ideology. Christine is just about practical, even science-based ideas that absolutely changes lives. Tyler Hunter

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm an ICF certified coach who specializes in Emotional Health and Lifestyle planning. I help even procrastinators TAKE ACTION with my less-talk-more-trying approach and stress the importance of believing in your damn self!

the book

Q. What's the #1 reason we don't stick to our goals and good intentions?

A. "Life" gets in the way. 

The Doer's Lifestyle is the ebook to change all that!

In it, I share how to live so that your life works for you instead of against you. Using the life coach approach, learn the routines, habits, and systems to live by and make it easier for YOU to follow through on your goals and dreams.

The Program

To make sure you apply what you learned in the book, join The Doer's Program where I use a science-backed approach to transform mindsets, lifestyle, and physiques. Try it risk-free!