10 selfish reasons to workout

Are you having a hard time making regular exercise a habit?  By focusing on the benefits (as opposed to the results), you may find it easier. It helps to find activities you like as well and in a future post, we’ll cover that. Today we’re looking at benefits to working out that’s about more than managing your weight.

Fit for life

There is no type of life, no version of your future self that wouldn’t benefit from exercise. So with that in mind, consider what exercise can do for you.

Natural Prozac

Here are 10 selfish reasons to workout

  1. Exercise improves cognitive function so you’ll feel more alert and focused. Might this help you in your career or in school?
  2. Exercise improves your confidence. Could you use more swagger?
  3. Exercise helps you to look better. If you love dressing up then you know you can pull off any look better when you’re at a healthy weight and have body positivity.
  4. Exercise increases your libido. Studies show that women who exercise regularly are more easily aroused, have more intense orgasms and greater flexibility and endurance (in bed).
  5. Your hot body will attract more partners. Your looks, specifically a toned body, will get you more attention from men (and women).
  6. Exercise teaches you life skills. Skills like goal setting and self-discipline that you build from working out can be leveraged in the pursuit of bigger life goals.
  7. Exercise helps you heal faster because it boosts your immune system, increases circulation, reduces inflammation and kicks stress’ butt. It’s also great for chronic health conditions such as asthma, constipation, thyroid and digestive illnesses.
  8. Exercise will help you age better and live longer. Scientists studying what is termed “successful aging” have proven that people who exercise experience less debility as they age, have minimal chronic diseases and less cognitive decline.
  9. Exercise is natural Prozac. Exercise releases feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. In a study conducted by British economist George MacKerron with over 50,000 volunteers, they found that exercise makes people very happy. In fact, get this–only sex makes people happier.
  10. Exercise increases productivity. The number one excuse people give for not exercising is that they don’t have time, but getting in a good workout gives you energy, i.e. more time. In fact, it’s been estimated that exercising makes us at least 2x more productive.

Choose compelling benefits

I talk a lot (okay all the time) about knowing why you want a goal before you pursue it. That’s because your Why is crucial to your follow through. When the going gets hard, as it always does with long-term goals, a compelling Why will refocus you. There’s no point in me or anyone else selling you on the health benefits of exercise if you’re not terribly concerned about your health. But if being hot or confident are more compelling reasons for you now, use those.

Yeah, but

If you just thought to yourself, “Yeah, but,” then your resistance is not about time or practical reasons. But you can begin to clarify what it is. For 5 minutes every day, close your eyes and imagine yourself living like the person you want to be.

A common resistance for many is that they’re not physically tired but are emotionally and spiritually tired. They’re tired because an important human need is unfilled, as we talk about in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Continue the exercise until you’ve made some decisions and have a clear idea what the resistance is. Then you work on the resistance.

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