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Kat Theo’s 10 Side Hustles to Make Major Bank

Kat Theo’s 10 Side Hustles to Make Major Bank

People often complain to travel vlogger Kat Theo that they can’t afford to travel. So, she decided to research and put together some of the best ways to earn money on the side in 2018.

Says Kat, there are many ways to make extra cash that’s not about taking surveys and working for pennies an hour. Her suggestions includes getting paid working with Pleio to call and remind elderly people to take their medications. Not everyone is going to have the skills, connects, or interest in doing all of these jobs, but all are fresh new ideas and legit recommendations you might not have heard of.

Follow Kat on IG @kat.theo and check out her YouTube channel.

Here’s a bonus suggestion: If you’re handy or have certain skills you can help people and small businesses with, put up a profile on TaskRabbit. Recently bought out by Ikea, the most popular task on the app is putting together Ikea furniture. If you’re not handy with a hammer, don’t despair, people in your local area are looking for other services too. I’ve seen several professional profiles for assistants, bookkeepers, even decorators on the app.

Increase your coverage by having profiles on more than one platforms.

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