The 12 hottest places to have sex

You know the saying, “you gotta have fun while you’re young.”  We agree with that but to be honest, we believe sex never gets old; not if you keep it exciting anyway. To keep the spark in your relationship and live your best life, change things up!

Our sex lives shouldn’t be left to chance or left to fizzle. To keep things fresh, be spontaneous when the opportunity strikes, and get it on in new places. That last part can take some planning and is totally worth the effort and when necessary, expense.

Add these to your list of places to have sex before you die.


1. In the shower (or in the rain)

Water is sexy. Wet is sexy. Need we say more?


2. In an empty house

Christen your new place by having sex on bare floors before you move in!”


3. In a jacuzzi

Jets massaging you, plus the heat, equals heaven.


4. On the washing machine

Quoting the late great Bob Marley on this one, “Positive VIBRATION (yeaya)!


5. On the deck of a boat

If you ever find yourself there, you can rent one in Turkey for next to nothing and sail the Aegean sea. Park somewhere where it’s just the two of you and the big blue ocean.


6. In the back seat of a car

If you live near a lookout point that has secret areas to park, add it to your “to-do” list and relive your teenage years.


7. On a pristine secluded beach

Make sure you bring a blanket or towel.


8. On an airplane

Isn’t it time you joined the mile-high club? Uncomfortable, maybe but absolutely worth it!


9. In a 5-star hotel

Sex on 800-thread count sheets in luxurious surroundings is DIVINE and should be enjoyed at least once before you die.


10. At your parents’ house

It may seem sophomoric, and probably dumb to risk parents walking in, but it’s worth the risk for the deeper level of connection you can have for each other afterward.


11. On a moving train

Two great reasons to visit Europe as a couple: overnight trains and fewer sexual hangups. Europeans expect you to make out in your sleeping car but you do want to keep it classy. Plus, the real fun in having near-pubic sex is being so discrete that no one is the wiser.


12. On a rooftop (at night)

Oh, to lay there in your afterglow snuggled in each other’s arms under a blanket with the moonlight, stars and the view. Epic move!


When having a rich sex life is one of your relationship goals, you’re well on your way to living your best life. You and your partner are going to be happier people for it.


Bess O'Connor

Bess is a wellness coach and educator, healing arts practitioner, and was lead Ayurvedic therapist for the Chopra Center for Well-being for 10 years. She is a dedicated wife and mother to four children. She is passionate about natural forms of healing, veganism, fitness and healthy living. She gets her "juice" from juicing, yoga, meditation, and being a mama.

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