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5 tips to being a semi-minimalist

5 tips to being a semi-minimalist

If you love Apple’s clean-looking aesthetic, there’s a good chance you’ll like a little more of that minimalism in your life. The stripped-down lifestyle is about simplicity, and not about restriction as some think. Plus, it’s trending, so you might want to keep up.


Why semi-minimalism

Vurb, as you know, is big on routines. We’re big on them because they help us create structure, saves time, promote mindfulness and help people create a kinder more effective framework for success and lasting change. Minimalism is the aesthetic and lifestyle that best facilitates that, and semi-minimalism is for those of us who like a balance between having order and having stuff. Ultimately, semi-minimalism helps us to be more productive.

If you have even the mildest interest in minimalism but not ready to embrace the whole lifestyle, there’s a way to make small gradual changes to incorporate a little minimalism into your life. And a great place to start is in your closet.


Who should consider semi-minimalism

  • People who are always running late or misplacing things.
  • Those who overspend or need to be more disciplined with money.
  • People who want to change hoarding habits.
  • Anyone who juggles a lot of responsibilities.
  • People who suffer from anxiety, have sleep problems or any type of mental health concern.
  • People who are under a lot of stress caring for others.


The beautiful thing about becoming a semi-minimalist is that you can do so gradually and stop at whatever balance of having stuff that makes you feel organized, relaxed, and on top of things.


These 5 tips can help you with the transition and finding a way to make the semi-minimalist lifestyle your own,


1. Be colorful if you want to!

The style is not all black and white as many people think. Color, however, should be clearly defined, cohesive, and look thought-out.


2. You don’t need to live like a monk

It’s not about getting rid of everything, it’s getting rid of the things you don’t love/use. If you’re a book lover, as a semi-minimalist, your home can showcase that love but as you use bookcase in main living areas, you want to have plenty of empty spaces on your shelves and organize loose items in storage bins. If you have lots of books, build a “library” area where two walls of floor to ceiling bookcases create a room. A small table, 1-2 chairs with a throw for comfort, should complete the look.


3. Start where you need order most

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I started with my wardrobe because that’s where the need felt greatest. I wanted to make my morning routine easier, quicker, and I liked the idea of having a work “uniform” and found the perfect one for me: a slew of black pants and an assortment of tops that can all go with black! From colorful prints to solids and stripes, I’ve got a nice wardrobe of tops so I didn’t lose the fun of getting dressed. Now, I can grab any top and pair successfully (even in the dark) with just about any pants.

If you’re like most women, clothes are the thing you have the most of. By starting with your wardrobe, you get to tackle that area of your life first and bring order to it. Once you see how living with less and being more organized feels, you’ll want to bring that simplicity to other areas of your life too.


4. Have a game plan

Ultimately, becoming a minimalist or semi-minimalist is about helping you live better. With that as your guide, think about what would help you live better. For me, that was being less stressed. My biggest headache was getting dressed in the morning, so I started there. I then let my life dictate what I moved on to next.

One day as I was using aluminum foil to cook my fish and veggies on, my friend pointed out how unhealthy it was to cook on it. Yikes! I didn’t know.  I had all these pots and pans but didn’t have the type of pan for the type of cooking I mostly do now. It took research to find the Sur La Table bakeware but it’s become my everyday pan. I noticed that I used it, a small pot for boiling eggs, my electric kettle, and Bullet roughly 95% of the time. So why did I need all that other stuff? Little by little, I gave away pots and pans I no longer used, and become my kitchen is more functional, it’s a less stressful place for me to be. My game plan was about eliminating by tackling rooms in the order I feel the most stress.


5. Start small

Start with your keys. Do you use all those keys on your keyring? Find beautiful storage containers for items you use often like makeup or toys. Gets them out of sight and make them portable. Remember, it’s not about getting rid of everything, it’s getting rid of the things you don’t love/use. Minimalism and semi-minimalism are about prioritizing and making more room for what you use. It’s about being healthy and living your best life. When you start small with these ideals as your guiding principles, you’ll enjoy the process more.


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