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6 Fall Trends Worth Getting

6 Fall Trends Worth Getting

Fall is here and I bet you’re looking for a few trends to update your wardrobe! Permit me to tell you the ones that I think are the most swaggerlicious and will really freshen up your fall closet.


1. Plaid and Grunge


I’m mad about plaid. And grunge. And trenchcoats! So naturally, this coat caught my eye because it’s about all three. Pulled out these chunky ankle boots from the back of my closet and they helped take things back to the true grunge era.  And to take the look all the way grunge, I added the beanie hat.  If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for your college grunge days, a trench like this is what you add to your wardrobe. It’s versatile and will look fashionable for a while. Find a similar coat in the RTBU (Refuse To Be Usual) Etsy store.


2. Ripped Jeans and Faux Fur


Fur statement jackets and ripped jeans are on trend and this outfit rocks…FUR reals!!  The creative styling makes this rocker look current and classic all at the same time.  These Frame Skinny Jeans have just the right amount of tatters and holes… and they’re black, which means they’ll look current longer than blue ripped denim will.


3. Menswear and suits

plaidmenswear If you’re feeling your inner #girlboss this season, this could be how you add some wardrobe swagger.  A few tips to pull off menswear: Forget the stilettos and go with Oxfords or flats.  Wear a collar-less shirt or a blouse to make your look more feminine.  Have your suit tailored so it fits perfectly – a necessity to mastering menswear.  Try this ASOS suit with a sleeveless blazer for an affordable and chic style.


4. Flared pants and 70s-inspired looks

The 70s trend rages on so you will see flares, bell bottoms, and culottes everywhere! They’re flattering on most women, especially pear-shaped ladies.  IMO though, this is not a trend to spend a lot of money on; it won’t be around long enough to be worth it.  Still, touches of 70s style can give your wardrobe some #throwback swagger; and that’s always groovy.

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5. Classic Denim

canadiantuxedo Get used to seeing denim everything! Denim bibs, skirts, dresses, and the oh so famous Canadian tuxedo.  Besides being All-American and versatile, the pieces you buy now can be reinterpreted all sorts of ways in the coming years.  This Lands End dress and shirt are great denim options for your Fall wardrobe.


6. Color and Leather


It’s true, leather is timeless, but now, easier to find because they’re trending. The look is even better in color.  A colorful faux leather piece like leggings or pants can be worn out or under dresses and you can use it as layering all through Winter.  It’s versatile, empowering, and best of all, because leather is a classic fabric, you can wear for years whether it’s “in” or not.  That makes it great buy to update your wardrobe.

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  • Love the men’s suit idea, will be perfect for my look. I even have the Oxfords already. I’m also seeing dressy long sleeve thermals or long sleeve T-s layered with short sleeve T-s over for casual weekend looks.

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