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6 Quick Fixes for Bad Hair Days

6 Quick Fixes for Bad Hair Days

Some days no matter what we do, our hair won’t cooperate. Those of us with little time to fuss with our hair have learned one trick: Just roll with it! Call it practical. Call it, “I don’t have time for this!” but hair is something you and I can officially cross off the list of things to stress about.  These six quick fixes can make bad hair days some of our best hair days!

1. Change your part


If what your hair needs most is volume, switching the part will give you more, as well as a subtle “new” look in a snap.

2. Wear fedoras and floppy hats

Hats are hot this season. Classic and chic, fedoras can make your hot mess hair look cool but if fedoras are not your thing, you can be on trend with the 70s look of a floppy hat. ASOS and Urban Outfitters have a wide selection to choose at the moment.

3. Pull out hair barrettes and accessories


Drugstore offers are fine but their selections are limited while Anthropologie, CharlotterusseCollette Malouf and Shopbop have lots of accessories to choose from. Having a great piece of hair ornament on hand can be your go-to option when your hair won’t play nice.

4. Use dry shampoo

When your hair looks dull and lifeless, a dry shampoo can be just the thing to revive it. Bastiste’s “Wild” Dry shampoo will soak up oil allowing it to have enough volume and shine to last you one more day.  Dry shampoo used to be a beauty secret of French women and models. Now it’s our easy to find time-saver.

5. Clip in hair extensions

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Extensions are a quick and easy way to add length and volume while giving you a bigger personality for the day. Is there any question that you should own a couple pieces? If you have a couple pieces–one in pink or another color for weekends and vacations and a second piece that matches your hair–it’s that much easier to solve your bad hair day in a spectacular way.  The Pussydoll Palace is famous for their outstanding “PONYS THAT PIMP” hairpieces and they ship worldwide.

6. Do a Marley bun

Along the same lines as hair extensions, the Marley Bun is a great option for natural black hair.  Here, we’ve tweaked Quiesha Jay’s method and made product substitutions to minimize breakage. It will take you about 3-7 minutes once you have the method down

This is a slightly healthier substitution Quiesha’s method:

There you have it. Six convenient fixes to take you from bad hair days to gorgeous hair days fast!


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