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A chic black and white bathroom makeover

A chic black and white bathroom makeover

Interior decorator Vanessa Francis shares the process behind her daughter’s bathroom makeover, which she designed and renovated for $5,000 in just six weeks. First, check out the reveal and learn how she stayed within her budget without making compromises to the decor.

And for about $200, see our suggestions below to bring this look to your rental.


Don’t have $5,000 or the inclination to spend that much on a rental?  For about $100-$200 you can mimic this transformation:

  • Paint worn-out or dingy cabinets for about $30.
  • Create an accent wall with the rest of the paint and a stencil like the Medina Moroccan Stencil from Houzz. $40
  • Add artwork by framing photos you take with your camera phone, pick up at Ikea or one of the online second-hand sites like Craigslist and Offerup. $20
  • Go for simple patterned shower curtain over busy bright prints. $25
  • Declutter — use bins to stash your beauty products and leave out only 2-3 pieces in beautiful containers on the counter. $20
  • Bring in flowers to brighten up and class up the room. $10
  • Change out the door handle and light fixture with second-hand finds. $40
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