From having a flat stomach... to being ​y​our own boss... to bettering the world, there's​ probably​ something you're yearning to accomplish. But if you're like most people, you can't seem to stick to goals and resolutions you start. 

So you read books, attend workshops and buy programs about getting ​y​our mindset right... about better time management... ​or fill in the blank skill that you think will do the trick. 

Hi, I'm Christine, lifestyle coach and founder of Vurb Magazine.

I teach people how to form lifestyle habits that make it easier to get everything they want. Because what we now know from behavioral and neuroscience is that how we run our lives is the biggest predictor of whether we follow through. 

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People who have good sleep hygiene, healthy relationships, make time for fun and enjoyment, make work work for them, use coaches and mentors, dress well, and read, have less trouble making their goals and dreams happen. They're running their lives well.

Our content will help you develop the habits that build energy, confidence, and other skills so you'll have them when you need to get stuff done.