Christine Angelica


I’m Christine. As a Life Strategist and Emotional Health Coach, I help people find and develop the right habits and routines to run their lives better and improve their emotional health. It’s work that I LOVE!

This digital magazine is an extension of me and my work. I know how difficult it is to become who you are meant to be. The distractions, the naysayers, the self-doubt, and all the ways life can test your resolve. By creating a lifestyle platform, I wanted to bring together other coaching disciplines such as relationship, health and wellness, and mindset coaching to help you put things together as I did—except that here, you have a central starting off point.

Vurb Magazine is about living more on purpose, caring about our planet and loved ones, and working on our shit.

My hope and goal in creating this platform are that we help you to expand your experience of everyday joy and wellbeing.

Our content is organized around 4 key principles for living more consciously.

Live well

by making healthy habits like sleep, exercise, nutrition, and meditation non-negotiables.

Love consciously

by showing up and giving the important people in our lives the best of ourselves.

Grow purposely

by developing self-awareness and purposefully working on our talents and emotional health.

Play often

by having hobbies, consuming conscious media, enjoying nature, and making our homes lovely.