Ever tried learning to skate by watching others skate? 

How about learning to eat better... or become a better parent?

We don't develop skills or good habits by simply reading Top-10 tips or watching how-to videos. We develop skills and good habits by regularly practicing them. As they say in the personal growth world, we have to show up and do the work if we want to make change... to transform our diets, become better parents and partners and get anything worthwhile done. 


Consistency is key

Without consistency, so many new year's resolutions are abandoned by February 1st. Vurb Magazine wants to help you change that.

We promote a lifestyle that makes being consistent easier. We help you transform how you're living in your home, in your body, and how you're interacting with co-workers and significant others. We're here to help you transform how you're eating, the quality of your sleep and of your thoughts. We'll remind you to make time for the people and things you love and make peace with the stuff you hate.


Less talk, more action

Hi, I'm Christine, founder of Vurb Magazine. Learn more about me here.

What years of research into behavior modification has taught me—both the empirical and scientific research—is that how we're living is the single biggest factor in our motivation and our consistency. Not money, or even having more time.

Our personal development magazine presents ideas to help you go beyond reading and thinking about your goals and good intentions. The lifestyle we promote makes consistency easier so you can reach levels where you know you belong... and make your life awesome. 

Start Here

Some habits to help you start to build your consistency muscles

Drink water
Look good!
Sleep better
Have a Morning Routine