Christine AngelicaHello.

I’m Christine. As a lifestyle and emotional health coach, I help people find and develop the right habits and routines to run their lives better. It’s work I LOVE so I decided to start a digital magazine around it. There are two ideas I strongly believe in that are at the heart of Vurb, the brand.

1. We are our habits.

We are what we repeatedly do was once just a quote I liked. But then I saw how it was expressed in my own life. When I began to exercise regularly, have a consistent bedtime routine, and passionately do work I love, my emotions and my life changed. I became better at everything else I needed to do.

The secret to change, I’ve found, is to focus on what helps you to be better at being you.

Take me for example. Sleep, music, social connections, being active, beautiful things, a tidy home, and my morning routine are some of the things that help me be a better me. But I didn’t always know this or focused on what helps me function at my best. Although I LOVE music, like so many of us, I would turn on the TV first when I got home. That just led to hours of couch surfing, dishes being left in the sink overnight, and a lot of my life not getting handled. Once I started turning on music instead, things shifted. I would do more social activities, was more organized, more motivated, and more me. Changing my sleep habits wasn’t that easy. Boy, did I resist! Every habit I changed were ones that helped me function better.

2. We’re here to live more consciously.

By “more consciously” I mean making more thoughtful and deliberate decisions without being affected by our subconsciousness, poor habits, and society, and with high regard for HOW we live and treat each other. I am committed to a more conscious path; one that’s pointed toward justice, fairness, and human kindness.

Vurb is a “more conscious way” that is your way. We don’t have a prescribed list of ways how anyone should be more conscious, but as a brand, we do care about certain social issues, advocate less consumption and financial independence for women.

These are the ideals and beliefs behind our main categories.

  • Live well by making healthy habits like sleep, exercise, nutrition, and how we care for our physical selves our core non-negotiable habits.
  • Love consciously by choosing to give the important people in our lives what they need to thrive and learn to get our own needs met in return.
  • Grow purposely by developing self-awareness, and applying that awareness to improve what is missing for us to be our best selves.
  • Play often by having hobbies, making the most of our time-offs, being conscious of the entertainment we consume, making our homes and environments beautiful and peaceful, and enthusiastically seeking ways to more deeply enjoy this journey called life.