alize your life!

Unless we learn to start and follow through, our lives will never look like what we want it to: PRODUCTIVE. MEANINGFUL. SUCCESSFUL. 

Our magazine has received praise for its practical lifestyle ideas that make personal development doable.

And for 2019, we're launching The Doer’s Program—group coaching that is social media-based and science-backed to help you form success habits. With live classes on Zoom, text message reminders and other services, you'll integrate new habits into your life for good.

Hi, I'm Christine! 

I'm an ICF-certified lifestyle coach, mindfulness educator and recovering procrastinator living in Los Angeles. I'm a sucker for all kinds of transformations: home makeovers (HGTV addict here), physical transformations and stories of accomplishment (especially when the odds are stacked against someone), these are the things that give me life! I'm on a mission to transform procrastinators and dreamers into doers.

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We don't just recommend that you move daily. We stream a new dance tutorial every two weeks, attend Color Runs happening in major cities as a group, have Fitbit giveaways and will text you random reminders to use the stairs and fit in more steps into your day. The program includes:

Virtual Classes

One of the ways we make sure you follow-through, is offering live classes on social media in meal prep, meditation, and new dance tutorials every 2 weeks.

Text Messages

Our texts will brighten your day, give you healthy habit reminders to keep you on track and quick in-the-moment challenges to do.


To integrate science-backed habits into your life, we add fun and joy to the program with challenges and other not-so-serious ideas. 

Facebook Group

Get help and ongoing inspiration from the community. Facebook makes it easy for you to post your ups and downs and be a space for accountability.


As a newly minted coach in 2007, I had all the enthusiasm and ambition of someone green and naive. I was convinced that passion, being insightful, and with training from one of the best coaching schools on the east coast, I was going to make a huge difference in people's lives and live my best one! It didn't turn out that way. Not right away, anyway.

My specialty back then was weight loss coaching. When I wasn't able to help 2 out of 5 clients change their eating and exercise habits, I began to have serious career-doubts. After better pre-screening to weed out the "uncoachable" clients, my stats improved but I was bothered by my No to some people. A natural-born procrastinator myself, what bothered me (I was to later learn) was that I was turning away people just like me. I recognized individuals who were capable but "not ready" and their habits were doing them no favors. This got me interested in a deeper understanding of human motivation.

My journey took me to neuro- and cognitive science (amazing stuff!), Maslow's Needs Hierarchy, positive psychology and even to explore military habit formation techniques. My ebook, The Doer's Lifestyle is a codified interpretation of what I learned and The Doer's Program is a one-of-a-kind coaching program to ensure you follow-through and apply the concepts from the book. The way we live affects everything, especially our motivation. By helping you form lifestyle habits that make you motivated and productive, you WILL begin to get shit done.