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Add some fresh colors to your wardrobe

Add some fresh colors to your wardrobe

Wanna freshen your look? A simple way is to ditch those safe colors and color combos you’ve been wearing. You know the ones–black, white, red, blue and boring beige. Try these next three ideas for fun pain-free ways to step outside your fashion comfort zone while doing some interesting color mixing.

Stylists, whose job it is to creatively dress their clients so they don’t look like everyone else, have a knack for coming up with unusual color palettes that can make even basic wear seem more interesting and fashion forward. We’re taking our cue from them, in recommending these 3 color categories.

Shine in jewel tones

You can wear several jewel tones at once with little risk of overdoing it because interestingly enough, most jewel tones go together. Try royal purple, yellow, cobalt/sapphire blue, emerald green, orange, red and burgundy all at once or in any combo and you will immediately have a high fashion look. However way you pair jewel tones, they somehow work and they look great on everyone!

Jewel tones give outfits instant pizazz

Do something unexpected

Most mere mortals never thought of pairing pink and red until SJP topped her hot pink pants with that red blouse! Her look was inspired and the trend caught on. Try your own variation on that theme by pairing two colors that are neighbors on the color wheel. Think orange and pink, lemon and lime, or navy and purple.

Pink and red and similar close-but-not-the-same color pairings make your outfit look fresh

Go grey… beautifully

If you like neutrals, try changing things up with greys. Designers are putting out a whole lot more pieces, even entire collections, in grey these days so you can find some high-fashion options and find them year-round, not just in the fall and winter. Here are some ways to make grey work beautifully. Try…

  • Grey and black for a creative vibe.
  • Grey and yellow for a casual look.
  • Soft grey and white when you’re going for elegance.
  • Grey and navy for a crisp office look.
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