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Add style to your small space

Add style to your small space

The fact that your space is small is even more reason that you need to give it some style. I mean, if you have to live in a box it should at least be a nice looking box, am I right? And because it’s scientifically proven that beautiful decor improves our well-being, adding style to your small space will most likely help you overlook its size. With extra storage, multipurpose furniture, and other simple small space decorating tricks anyone can do this.

Here’s how:


The best way to keep clutter out of any room is to have adequate storage in the first place. And probably no room needs it more than the bathroom. If you’re like the average woman you own at least two bags of toiletries, multiple hair appliances, grooming essentials and an assortment of beauty gadgets, and bare minimum storage won’t do.

The solution: Invest in extra storage and make your life (and morning routines) so. much. saner.

If you plan to live in a rental for a while, consider switching out a basic vanity or medicine cabinet for one with extra storage. A new one will set you back about $200 – $500 (USD), but for about half of that, you can find cabinets on OfferUp, Craigslist, and other secondhand sources. Get your landlord’s OK first, of course. Thin vertical cabinets, under-cabinet organizers and racks, added shelves and new storage ideas like this full-length Cabidor Concealable Storage Cabinet are some other good options.

Tip: Ask your landlord to cover at least half of your out-of-pocket expense. If your landlord is stingy, s/he may be more agreeable to it if you’re willing to spread the reduction over three months.


No linen closet? Underbed storage boxes and beds like Ikea’s Brimnes bed are like adding a closet under your bed. For linens and things that you’ll use regularly, make sure containers are on casters so that you can get to them easily.


In narrow and small rooms, you may be tempted to place the long side of a bed for example against a wall to get the maximum floor space all on one side. That rarely look stylish and instead of feeling roomier, it can make the room feel boxed-in.

Even in really small rooms, a balanced look will feel more harmonious and look inspired. In a small bedroom, you can try it your way but see what it looks like with the bed centered. Go with the layout that looks more stylish and use these other decorating strategies to make the room feel roomier:

  • Use light colors.
  • Limit the room to ONE function… as a bedroom.
  • Consider putting dressers inside a closet.
  • Use the walls and back of doors for storage.
  • Make your bedding and flooring as comfortable as possible.


Even the tiniest rooms feel more stylish when they have a “lived in” look. This small open kitchenette is a great example of how to achieve that. With books, a tiny plant, and the apron on display, it has a lived-in presence and therefore style, despite being small.


Source: The Spruce

Dining areas, kitchen nooks, and living room corners make great part-time office areas and the multipurpose furniture available to make them work is gorgeous. This lucite office chair, for example, keeps things light, the built-in storage works as both office and living room furniture, and the desk also works as a console.

Multipurpose furniture like pull-out sofas, nesting tables, sofa tables on castors that can serve as “bar carts,” and nightstands and ottomans that have built-in storage all work great playing double duty.

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In a small room, color works best when you layer one or two colors. It’s the fashion equivalent of dressing monochromatically; you keep the spaciousness by not being too busy with your color choices. An accent wall or sofa in a great color like pink or yellow is unexpected and impactful and by repeating the color in the accessories, you make that color pop even more.  This decorating trick also gives rooms a cohesive look and harmonious feel.


After you’ve styled your space, nothing throws it off more than outdated finishes and light fixtures. Small rooms get dressed up and look infinitely better when the little details match up with your other decorating efforts. Luckily, fixtures are one of the easiest and surprisingly, most affordable things to replace in your home or rental, and the style impact can be huge!


Just as you pull together your outfits with the right jewelry, belt, and accessories, do the same for your rooms. This is especially important in small spaces. A pile of books, artwork, throws, pillows, and other accessories bring warmth and style to your space.

Look for statement rugs. Think side tables with metal accents. Aim to mix and match textures and mix your styles by dressing up contemporary furniture with some vintage-inspired accessories so everything doesn’t look samey samey!


Wherever you live, whether small or large and whether you own or rent, take the time to set up a beautiful home because they make a big difference in how you feel. #CleanOrganizedBeautiful

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