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How to rock the “All-White” look

At the BET Awards and other red carpet shindigs, you see a lot of “white-on-white” outfits, but are they practical for everyday wear? Abso–friggin–lutely!! An all-white OOTD adds serious pop to your style and helps you stand out. You will need to be a little more careful than usual, which is a challenge when you’re …

Hair Care

25 Really Cool Natural Black Hairstyles

IMHO, Mr. Obama becoming the first Black president of the United States isn’t the most significant change for people of color in the past 10+ years. What is? The explosion of natural hairstyles we’re seeing everywhere. No shade on the president, who I voted for twice, but I think the natural trend is more significant …

Be Well

7 little ways I’m trying to live in the moment

Ever since I learned (in one of my psych classes) that doing too many things at once can affect mental health, I’ve been trying to curb my multitasking ways. It’s not just psychologists, but also behavioral scientists, time management experts, neurologists and neuroscientists who are sounding the alarm. They’re telling us that multitasking is not …