Christine Angelica

Christine is a lifestyle coach living in Los Angeles. Using systems, routines, and some psychological trickery, she can help almost anyone hack their mind and life for greater productivity. Email to find out if she's available for one-on-one work.

Shelly French

When she's not studying fashion at FIT, Shelly can be found photographing architecture, street style and browsing the used art book rack at The Strand in Union Square Manhattan. She is as funny as she is creative and has a keen eye for mixing textures.

Moka Hinds

Moka is an aspiring Psychologist and yoga teacher living in New York where having a big exuberant personality like hers comes in handy.

Kristen Malm

Kristen is a content writer and blogger. She is a Crossfitter who loves re-watching Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Kristen can’t go to the movies without ordering popcorn, it just feels wrong. She adores her cat, enjoys spending hours shopping for home goods, and subconsciously edits everything she reads.

Anne Matea

Anne Matea is Vurb Magazine’s Beauty Editor and also a professional traveler. She is a Romanian native, currently living in Bucharest. Her vurbs include cooking and having friends over for long dinners and even longer conversations.

Danielle Bricker

Danielle Bricker is the girl you see smelling the pages of Pride & Prejudice in the corner of a used bookstore. She is an avid reader, occasional hiker, and an obsessively neat eater. Between her day job in nonprofit management and various freelance gigs, she is planning a year-long tour around the world and aims to visit 30 countries before she turns 30.

Tweety Elitou

Tweety is a fashion writer who loves to share her love for the art of fashion. When she is not writing about fashion and beauty, she can be found behind her sewing machine.

Bess O'Connor

Bess is a wellness coach and educator, healing arts practitioner, and was lead Ayurvedic therapist for the Chopra Center for Well-being for 10 years. She is a dedicated wife and mother to four children. She is passionate about natural forms of healing, veganism, fitness and healthy living. She gets her "juice" from juicing, yoga, meditation, and being a mama.

Jacqueline Attwood

Jackie is a northern English girl living in 'The Big Smoke', London. She enjoys her work as a Digital Marketer and is passionate about multimedia including content creation and graphic design. She's almost as passionate about peanut butter as she is about fitness (which she needs to shift the peanut butter!)

Dru "Goico" Weinberg

Dru's first passion is music (primarily hip-hop). He is an entertainment industry professional, entrepreneur, and writer. He believes we are all creators!

Kjerstin Bjerga

Kjerstin Bjerga is a blogger and freelance designer living in Dallas, Texas. She spends her free time outdoors and enjoys thrifting at local shops and flea markets.

Pippa Vague

Pippa Vague lives in Wellington, New Zealand where she is a newly-wed and new mom. The family shares their home with a part time crazy cat named Chico. Pippa loves whipping up healthy (and not so healthy) recipes, soaking up the gorgeous New Zealand weather and watching trashy reality TV.

Lexy Bean

Lexy is a former track & field athlete turned corporate professional. After living in New York City, Lexy now spends her days in Bermuda writing for ResolutionWE, an organization she co-founded to encourage women to pursue their passions while networking with their fellow sisters.

Rashina Gajjar

Rashina is a digital strategist and regular career contributor to several online publications such as Career Girl Daily. She's always on about London--meaning she loves her hometown and would love to show you around if you ever visit.

Meridith O'Connor

Meridith is a lifestyle blogger and personal stylist who knows what's important to her -- faith, family, friends, fashion, and fighting for causes she cares about. She's a foodie who loves brunches with her gal-pals, a good comedy, and being a beach bum.

Iskra Jovanovska

Iskra is a creative brainiac living in Belgrade where she's pursuing a passion for animation at the animation studio “Iluzija.” This freelance writer and illustrator loves art in all its forms. She spends her down time reading comics, watching movies and animes, and walking the woods with friends.

Taylor Orr

A recent graphic design graduate, Taylor is passionate about all forms of visual art. She's a great photographer and enjoys putting together OOTD. Since discovering her mom and older sisters' closets at age six, style has been one of Taylor's favorite ways to express herself; it's a way to tell people who she is without saying a word. Family and friends mean the world to this Daddy's Girl.

Ellen Tran

Ellen is a blogger, psychology student, and productivity hacker living in Melbourne, Australia. She's killing it on Pinterest, likes to plan things, get creative, and on her down-time, Ellen brings out her inner gamer and treats herself with various types of self-care.