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Be selfish without feeling awful about it!

Be selfish without feeling awful about it!

Of the many things I learned watching Oprah, without a doubt the most memorable came from Iyanla Vanzant when she explained why it’s important to put ourselves first. The relationship expert explained that it’s not selfish, it’s self-full to put ourselves first.  She said…

“How you treat yourself is how you treat God; because YOU are the representation of God in your life!”

I’ve never forgotten that bit of wisdom and remind myself of it regularly. Even during those times when I question the existence of God, I’ve believed in the concept of one. This concept of viewing God as the best within us has shaped how I’ve since moved about in the world.

It’s made saying No easier. I no longer consider spending time and money on things like beauty upkeep and dance classes a luxury, but necessities for my well-being. Living healthy is now an absolute given and no longer an option. And best of all, I no longer entertain “I’m not enough” thoughts for too long.

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