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Belgrade Celebrates The 98th Birthday of Jazz

Belgrade Celebrates The 98th Birthday of Jazz

The first jazz vinyl was released on February 26, 1917 (no kidding!) and even though it had only two songs, it made history because 98 years later, people all over the world mark the day. Many cities, especially in Europe, celebrate America’s first global sound (jazz), but my hometown of Belgrade probably tops them all.  We celebrate for a whole week with the Belgrade Jazz Festival!


This year, the party started on Wednesday — February 25th — in club “Kran” with a performance by “Evidence Quartet” and a “Surreal Photos”exhibition by a young up and coming artist, Deni Raicevic. Later, guest performers like Janko Milankovic, Vuk Manojlovic, Borivoje Eskic, Lazaruss Ostos and Sergio Lounge warmed things up.



jazzVladan Protic Quartet performing


The “Jazz Basta” (“Jazz Garden”) was very busy. Every day from Wednesday to Sunday there was a new fresh team, including these guys: The Jovan Maljokovic sextet, Vladan Protic quartet, Nada Pavlovic band, and Di Luna blues band & Horns Inc, and on Sunday, they went all out for Disney music!

rodjendan dzeza 02Stankovic Music School performance


On closing night, students from the music school “Stankovic” performed. They were quite good actually. Seeing all those young people who truly enjoy playing this kind of classic music was a beautiful thing.

So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m a huge jazz nerd. Covering the festival for Vurb was a blast and one of those great experiences they keep reminding us, are often right in our backyards. The cost of this experience was a six pack of beers to buy off a couple friends to come with me, 5 Dinars (approximately 4 Euros or $ USD) for parking, and 8 glorious hours away from my less-than-inspiring life.

Thanks guys!


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