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Did you know that hormones, overactivity in a neural pathway, and certain bio-based forces can affect your motivation? In The Doer's Lifestyle, neuroscience (brain) junkie and lifestyle coach Christine Angelica looks at a variety of things that affect motivation and provide a new understanding of what moves us. She lays out 4 daily habits as the foundation for a productive life—movement, meditation, a brain-beneficial diet, and adequate sleep—then shares lifestyle habits that energize us emotionally and in other critical ways. Together these habits build a more productive you.

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the dopamine pathways

Why We Do The Things We Do

Two things drive our actions–necessities and rewards. Dopamine-producing neurons in the brain’s ventral tegmental area (VTA) communicate with those in a region called the nucleus accumbens in order to process rewards and to motivate behavior. This is just one example of the brain's role in our motivation and why feeding it the right foods and optimizing our biology is the foundation for a productive lifestyle.

Book Highlights

Core Habits

Create a better foundation with 4 core habits that will help clear away brain fog and cravings, improve your focus and cultivate a more disciplined mind.


Beneficial Habits

The section on beneficial habits shares everyday science-backed habits to increase your productivity and build success skills.

Psychology of Change

There's a link between mood and behavior. Habits like affirmations and dressing well can generate positive emotions leading to positive actions.

Life Designer

When we know our 'why' we work towards our goals with more commitment. Use included worksheets to find your whys so you'll do "it" for YOU.

Self Assessment

Learn your cognitive deficits, personal blind-spots and other forces sabotaging your success so you can plan for them the next time you pursue a goal.

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