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Camille Rowe Explores Meditation & Mindfulness

Camille Rowe Explores Meditation & Mindfulness

Camille Rowe meets Andy Puddicombe of Headspace to explore meditation and mindfulness. After which she did some nutritious cooking with LA Kitchen.

Rowe smokes cigarettes and is the quintessential French woman (although part American and French). She also exudes a don’t give a f… vibe. But when she goes on assignment for Vogue to explore meditation and mindfulness, her commitment to genuinely trying out wellness was evident.

The importance of Inner Wellness

The reason I’m even sharing this is to help you understand the areas meditation is reaching. I really don’t care why you do it or how, but I hope to help you see how important it is to take time to connect with your inner being. It is crucial to our well-being.

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You do have to put the cigarette out… but you don’t have to stop smoking before getting on the mat.

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