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5 Ways To Make Family Dinner Fun

One of the beautiful things about the holidays (weird uncles notwithstanding), is getting together with friends and family over dinner. But do we need a Hallmark sponsored date to make dinners special? What IF we could do more of them throughout the year? What if, instead of ho-hum dinners, we made an effort on a …

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Add Personality to Your Space

IMO, the most stylish homes tell you something important about the people who live there. And by stylish, I mean they have personality.  Personality is family photos and hobbies proudly and beautifully displayed in collections–not just anywhere or everywhere. Personality is comfortable furniture that isn’t stuffy, too modern or pretentious.. furniture that’s not overdone and …

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I tried minimalism for a week

I love recommending what I call healthy habits “test drives.” Their short commitment, typically a week, make them easy to stick to. At the end of the test period, you get to decide how much, or if any, of the healthy habit you want to work into your lifestyle. You make decisions with the benefit …

Home Life

The Guide to Decluttering your home

Clutter sucks! It sucks our energy, creativity and stifles our motivation. One of the best moves you can make to shape up your life is to get control of your stuff! Download the World Happiness Forum guide below. I thought I’d share this now until we can put together our own. #VurbDeclutter DOWNLOAD NOW