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Challenge Yourself

The Gratitude Challenge

For the gratitude challenge, choose a period of 3 days, a month, or a year; whichever you can commit to. Because failures can be a downer, unless you’re very certain you can do a longer period, it may be best to start with the 3-day challenge and extend it. Once you commit, stick to whatever length …

Challenge Yourself Home Life

Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Challenge


/Vurb: Clear your head by removing the clutter.

Join us over the next 3 weeks in a HOME DETOX challenge

We’ll be tossing what doesn’t spark joy!!!

Marie Kondo’s new book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up is an international smash on a scale like we’ve never seen before from a home organization book.

This inspirational guidebook shares a method for organizing and decluttering our homes so that maybe, we never have to do a major tidying up, ever again.

Kondo’s main message is that we should get rid of everything unnecessary that doesn’t bring us joy, even telling us to throw the book away once we are finished!

Because insights without actions are pointless, we’re not just doing this privately, we’re hosting it on Facebook to keep you and us accountable.


Are you in?


  • Like the image on our Facebook page to let us know you’re in!
  • Pick ONE relatively easy category of items to organize over the next 3 weeks; clothes, books, household items…
  • Assess how much time you’ll need for the entire decluttering project. Next, make like a Project Manager and schedule “Home Detoxing” times on your calendar for the next 3 weeks. Schedule only on days/times you can dedicate to the process–evenings, weekend mornings, etc.  And BTW, this process is important enough that if you can swing it, take a couple days off for it.
  • Read the book or refer to this summary:



  • Work by category and say goodbye to stuff that no longer gives you joy.
  • Check out Home Office organizers on Pinterest, and look online for inspirations to design more functional and beautiful closets and storage.

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Hopefully, you’re approaching this as a joyful project and cheerfully conversing with your stuff. It might sound hooky if you haven’t read the book but the ‘joy factor’ is important in creating intrinsic motivation to declutter once and for all. Try Marie’s suggestion: Touch, thank and ceremonially send your purges to better homes where they can find more appreciative owners.


MAINTAIN: Plan how you’ll keep the clutter out

This is a process that changes lives! You are breaking a habit, not just tidying up.

“Unbelievable as it may sound, you only have to experience a state of order once to be able to maintain it.” —Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

You are tidying up so that you never have a major cleanup like this again.  If you fully commit and keep the clutter out, you will feel more confident, energetic and motivated, and can even become more successful.

Let the “Does It Spark Joy” question be your guide to maintaining a type of minimalist order and beauty in your space.

Challenge Yourself

Have an Idle Weekend

We all need those weekends when we put away the heels, lock the front door, and do some self-care; a weekend where we do nothing but be idle. Giving ourselves time to catch up with our busy lives is actually a productivity tool. According to a growing body of multidisciplinary research, more sleep and time …