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How to be… In the words of Emerson

There is no shortage of thought leaders, coaches, speakers and lifestyle experts sharing their ideas on how to be happy. On this subject, it seems everyone is an expert. From the hundreds of happiness blogs, books, workshops and training I’ve consumed, one thing is clear to me: Each of us must first define what happiness …

Change Grow

I got divorced today

In court, I was in tears as the judge asked me whether I agreed to the terms. I did. I had chosen not to fight. I chose to walk away from the embryos and everything I was asking for in my divorce, just so I could move on. I didn’t want to fight because I knew …

Find Purpose Work

7 easier ways to find your passion

If workshops, personal development courses, and quizzes aren’t helping you find your passion or a purpose for your life, we have some simple things you can do instead. First, let’s re/define “purpose/passion.” Passion and purpose can mean very similar things but are slightly different. When people talk about finding their passion they usually mean finding …