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Beauty & Skincare

Olivia Wilde’s No-Fuss Beauty Routine

 In this video for Vogue Beauty, hippie princess Olivia Wilde walks us through her super simple natural skin care and makeup routine. Skincare products used: True Botanicals Nutrients Mist True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil   Affordable alternatives: Mad Hydrating Hippie Nutrients Mist Mario Baducco Mist   Takeaways from Olivia’s beauty routine: Use your finger tips …

Fashion Style

Be inspired by… Leandra Medine’s Style

Leandra Medine’s style is exuberant, colorful and like her blog, Man Repeller, defies standard (read: man-set) definitions of beauty. Her style is an authentic expression of who she is inside–it exudes joy and even when she’s wearing something that might look kitschy on someone else, what we notice first is the fun she’s having and that …

Hair Care

Organic natural haircare

Are chemicals in beauty products not that bad? From pollutants in the environment to the preservatives and hormone-whacking addictive in foods, we’re taking in a lot of toxic substances. So while the beauty industry says the levels of toxins in cosmetics and skin care are within acceptable  standards, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and other …