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Fashion Style

Be inspired by… Leandra Medine’s Style

Leandra Medine’s style is exuberant, colorful and like her blog, Man Repeller, defies standard (read: man-set) definitions of beauty. Her style is an authentic expression of who she is inside–it exudes joy and even when she’s wearing something that might look kitschy on someone else, what we notice first is the fun she’s having and that …

Fashion Home Life

5 tips to being a minimalist

If you love Apple’s clean-looking aesthetic, there’s a good chance you’ll like a little more of that minimalism in your life. The stripped-down lifestyle is about simplicity, and not about restriction as some think. Plus, it’s trending, so you might want to keep up. Who should consider minimalism  (even a modified version of it) People who …


Mel Burgos’ Genius Bookcase Shoe Storage

Your shoes have to be stored someplace but no one said that place couldn’t be a bookcases that you pimp out!  Natural hair blogger Mel Burgos of shares her beauty and style secrets in this Curly Confessions. Talking mostly about hair, we eventually get to her gorgeous shoe storage.     THE INSPIRATION:  Short on space, …