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Break the habit of eating + watching TV

In a 1987 study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology, researchers make a compelling case that distracted eating creates a stressful situation. But eating while watching TV (the number one distracted eating habit), most would argue, is not a bad thing. I for one associated it with being productive. I’m getting two things done at …

Be Well Challenge Yourself

A quick sleep challenge for you

Something that causes so many of you to stumble is your bedtime routine. By stumble, I mean that you’re unable to resist temptations, stick to your plans and follow through on your goals. From saving money to meditating, you fail over and over again because of what really is the same reason. Whether you call …

Be Well

The gentle way to unplug

I would say I have fairly healthy phone habits. I don’t respond to every ding, I put it away when I’m working and an hour before bed, etc., but even I struggle with being without my phone. That’s because I use it for every darn thing! I use it for music, as an alarm clock, …