The love project that improved these couples’ lives immediately

I love sharing (and creating) projects like this one from Revlon. They’re opportunities to practice some lovely and loving habits that usually, we all know, but forget.

This one comes with an important reminder:

Our most important relationship is with ourselves.

All of us personal developers know this: As we begin to love ourselves, our relationship with everyone changes for the better. But if it takes a commercial beauty brand’s campaign to remind us of this, so be it.

Revlon’s Choose Love Test

For their Choose Love test, Revlon sent several women home with a specific set of “self-love” instructions. These were practices they had to do daily for a week, including looking at themselves in the mirror. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what all of the instructions were, but after choosing love (self-love, that is), a whopping 97% of the women reported feeling better about themselves. That translated into them being better partners too.

I write this (and applaud it) fully aware of a small backlash against the campaign. At least one blogger voiced her objection to the women taking care of themselves while the men didn’t get any homework. I disagree and don’t find it sexist at all.

My takeaway and why I love this campaign is that it reminds women that we feel better about ourselves when we take care of ourselves. In relationships, men are the beneficiaries, but the confidence boosts go way deeper. Single or attached, most of us get a shot of confidence from taking care of and treating ourselves. Something I do and recommend regularly is buying ourselves flowers. For years now, I’ve been doing it almost weekly because it makes ME feel great!

I also feel great when I eat well, when I workout, when I repeat affirmations, when I get massages, get my nails and hair done. It’s what I saw when I watched these women before and after the test: they felt better about themselves so they were “in the mood.” Unlike men who can be up for sex no matter how they feel, we women need to feel relaxed, cared for, and happy with ourselves in order to be in the mood.

That’s an insight worth knowing and building on. It has implications outside our intimate relationships because how we feel affects how we interact in ALL our relationships.

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Christine Angelica

Christine is a Mindfulness trainer and Emotional Health Coach living in Los Angeles. She's big on meditation, routines, systems and personalization.

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