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VURB OF THE DAY:  Turn your home into a spa-inspired retreat.

Home is where we retreat from the world and a retreat is what it can look and feel like. The absolute minimum for any Vurb home is to keep it clean and organized. Once you have the clean and organized part down, creating a relaxed ambiance is about the visuals, the scents, and sounds. Think of the tranquility of a spa as you work to make your place somewhere you will love running home to.

Here’s how to go about it!

1. Flirt with minimalism

Little by little, piece by piece, ditch superfluous furnishings and “extras” to keep only those things that are either functional, beautiful or both. Remember, our inspiration is a spa. In bedrooms, consider putting shabby looking dressers inside the closet. If it’s a beautiful dresser, keep the top clear. I suggest having a maximum of four items on top of a dresser. If more, use a tray or organizer to “collect” like items. You don’t ever ever need a dozen perfume bottles on your dresser; your two favorites and the prettiest will do.

2. More Music, less TV.

Do you usually have the TV on in the background? That used to be me. When I switched to having music on instead, I had more energy and became more productive. Now, the first thing I like to do when I get home is cast the Spotify playlist I was listening to in the car onto my TV and start tidying up. If I start watching TV, tidying up isn’t happening. TV adds to the “noise” in our lives and without us realizing it, it creates passive stress. You’re also more likely to gain weight because what do we do when we’re sitting in front of the TV? That’s right, we’re more likely to be snacking and after sitting at work all day, we’re just doing more of the same. Music, on the other hand, gets you moving, is more relaxing and is waaay better for our mood and well-being.

3. Go wireless

Bluetooth technology has made it easy to go wireless but until you can go completely wireless, decorate in a way to hide wires and cables around your home. And check out these cord clutter eliminators courtesy of Real Simple.

4. Add Flowers and Plants

Nature is very very good for our well-being! A Harvard study had participants live with fresh flowers for a few days to see how it affected their mood and they found that flowers chase away anxieties and worries.  Flowers also make your place look prettier and chicer!


5. Bring in fresh scents and aroma

Candles are great for creating ambiance in the evenings and aromatherapy is proven to increase well-being and relaxation. Check out Art Naturals’ state-of-the-art electric cool mist aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser if you’re looking to keep the air smelling fresh without harmful additives.

6. Create a corner or room for quiet and relaxation

A separate room would be great but if all you have is a side table by the sofa, make that corner yours by pimping it out for relaxation. On the side table, you might keep a book you’re reading or a stack of magazines. In the drawer or inside a pretty storage box, stash some hand lotion and other items you may use regularly and outfit up your sofa or sofa chair with a comfy throw and pillows.

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7. Add healing elements

Feng shui experts believe that using the five elements–water, wood, fire, metal, and earth–can bring about positive energies and success.  Maybe you don’t believe in all that, but you cannot deny the calming effects of a water fountain, some chimes in the window, or a flickering candle. For some boho chic, crystals are lovely as these Pinterest inspirations show.


8.  Paint it neutral

White and other neutral colors like grey and soft blue have a tranquil effect on our mood.  Galleries, museums, high-end department stores, and other design-based businesses have been using white for ages because they know it provides the perfect backdrop for the products they want to showcase and per expensive market research, it lulls patrons into a more relaxed (read: spending) mood.

9. Do regular “deep” cleaning and household repairs

Baseboards and window sills get dusty, cabinet doors get dirty with fingerprints and stains, ovens get grimy, gunk grows on shower walls and inside shower heads. Make it a regular practice (every month or two) to clean up these often overlooked areas. However often you schedule it, make this upkeep part of your cleaning routine.

10. Have ambient nights

If you don’t have dimmers, no problem. A plethora of new LED bulbs links up with apps to easily and affordably set the mood for you.


So there you have it, 10 easy ways you can make your home more relaxing. Why do you want to do it? Our environments affect not just our moods, it affects who we become. So if you want to start thriving, to feel more joyful, more focused and relaxed, make your space feel like a retreat.

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