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Decluttering my life (starting with my home)

Decluttering my life (starting with my home)

Last year I moved from NYC to Los Angeles for grad school. Because I’ve been spending time getting to know my new city (nighttime beach yoga is a thing here!) while holding down my first full-time job, I hadn’t had much time to put my home in order. Plus, after a move, there’s so much to do and to sort through. I didn’t know where to start, so I kept putting it off.

That was until my aunt rolled into town for my October 3rd birthday and gasped at how I was living.

Taking it all in

This talented, intuitive, amazing woman has a knack for setting up serene, soothing environments and manifesting unforgettable baby shower and birthday party themes and design. She (THANK GOD) decided to tackle the unorganized, slightly crazed chaos that was my home.

Before the declutter, I didn’t realize how jumbled and congested my apartment was with things that I believed were necessary.

I didn’t see (or feel) how crowded my space was until pieces were relinquished and shifted: A broken mirror that had no reason to remain in my home, gone! A TV set from the ’70s that I never use because it doesn’t work, out! A bookshelf that was in my kitchen serving as a plant stand got relocated to a corner by my desk, and is now being used as, of all things, a bookshelf!

I watched as little by little, my windows shined a bit brighter and the paint on my walls revealed itself to be white after all. My space suddenly felt bigger, freer, and a sense of peace that I hadn’t experienced in my home before, now greeted me each time I walked through the door. Before the declutter, I didn’t realize how jumbled and congested my apartment was with things that I believed were necessary.

Feeling the difference

According to plan, we worked in two stages. We organized and set up the kitchen and main living area where I sleep and study, first. Before we moved on to my closet/dressing area, I got to experience the energetic difference going from each area to the other.

This area that we left for last, is where boxes and bags from my cross country move still laid half-open on the floor. Here is where toiletries and cleaning supplies shared a wide basket. There were S T U F F everywhere crying for my attention and as I walked into that room, a spiritual backdraft now hit me and immediately I felt my energy being sapped.  The difference in how I felt was quite literally, breathtaking.

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It was not because my closet was smaller than the room I had just left, or because there wasn’t much light in there; it was the CLUTTER. What struck me is that in the days before my aunt came to town, I had walked around without sensing any of this. That was a huge aha for me and it’s shifted how I think about clutter.

It’s been over three weeks and I have FINALLY folded and organized my clothes and closet. The more I got done, the prettier my clothes looked and the happier I felt. There is now a clear path to my scarves on the back wall, my shoes have a home, and the basket that used to house toiletries and cleaning supplies now only store toiletries, and look more organized.

Less clutter more energy

As I open up the energy throughout my apartment, I feel more energy coming into my life. Now, when I play a Smokey and Milo playlist on Pandora, I experience the music differently. While I’m watching Olivia Pope handle her situations on my laptop, I’ll fold some laundry and feel like my own life is being handled.

Decluttering my space also decluttered my mind which is helping to declutter my life. One small example: Now I have a place for mail, know where my bills to be paid are and have a clean desk to pay them from.

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