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Do You Know The Best Career For You?

Do You Know The Best Career For You?

I didn’t, and according to the statistics, neither do a lot of you. I struggled with career uncertainties for years before I found what I absolutely love doingpersonal development and specifically behavior-modification work. In this video, Abbi Winslow shares some great tips to help you find your best career. Her first two tips are 1) Explore your talents and 2) Make a list of what interests you. They reminded me that my own talents/interests were disguised as time-wasters. And like I did, someone reading this may think they don’t have any talents. So for you, I want to share how my interests and talents intersected, and what I thought were time-wasters, was the clue to finding the career I now love.

When Your Interests Are Your Talents

Since I was 9 years old, most of the books I read were philosophy, biographies and inspiring real-life stories. In high school and college, the TV shows I loved included a lot of HGTV and travel shows. Later, my TV lineup included shows like Wife Swap, Super Nanny, Sci-Fis, and Dexter (yes, the one about a somewhat redeemable serial killer). To me, these all seemed unrelated, and felt like time-wasters. But were they? What I believe now is that they all fed into my fascination with human behavior, and why we do the things we do.

More than what I was interested in, was the effect my interests had on me. In most cases, I could lose myself in the topic. When I started researching neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to reshape itself by forming new neural connections), for example, I was sure I’d quit it in no time. But I didn’t. There were Saturdays when I would go to the Altadena Public library to pick up a book and four hours later was still there following some yarn of an idea I became fixated on. Without a thought to brunch or some other appointment, I would break open my laptop and follow the scientific yarn.

In time, I may have become good (even developed some talents) in what I studied, Finance, but it wouldn’t have made me that interested in science.

To paraphrase career coach Ashley Stahl: Finance is what I love. Personal Development is who I am. Doing this work, I feel much more on purpose, I get to explore more of my interests, like home organization, and I can put in 10+ hours days and feel refreshed at the end of them.



I believe our perfect career does more for us than other careers can. So for that reason, it’s work worth doing. I can honestly say that being a lifestyle coach and personal development entrepreneur is helping me become a better version of myself. It’s lets me tap into and express so much more of the real me. It’s that deep and that simple at the same time.

After watching the video, if you want to work with Abbi, reach out to her on IG @abbiwinslow or through her website.


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