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Easy bathroom storage fixes

Easy bathroom storage fixes

When you have a place to store your things, it’s so much easier to stay organized, isn’t it? We’re more likely to put things back after we use them if they have a home.

Inspired by designer Reiko Caron‘s easy updates to the bathroom in her new condo, we found some affordable storage alternatives for small bathrooms. We’re talking about using the backs and insides of doors, adding organizers to cabinets, taking advantage of walls for storage, and customizing nooks and small spaces. Check out these nifty solutions to add more storage to your bathroom this weekend.


Add organizers to cabinets

Functional storage like this one, with a design to hold hair dryers in place, keeps the room neater.

The Iris Expandable Organizer from the Container Store has trays that pull out.

Stackable shelves and containers extend the storage under the sink.

Sliding organizers that pull out make organizing the bath even easier. Find them at Bed Bath, home improvement stores and organizing stores like The Container Store

With a little glue (get the right type for the material your cabinet is made from) and an assortment of business card holders and small pieces, the door of your medicine cabinet can be put to good use.


Add storage behind and over doors

This unit and many of the Cabidor behind-the-door storage uses the hinges of doors for the install so there is no need to drill holes. They come in two sizes and with and without a full-length mirror on the other side.

A 24-pocket over the door shoe organizer makes great storage for toiletries and bath products.

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Use nooks and small spaces

Take advantage of every little nook in clever ways. If you’re the homeowner or if you plan on living in a rental for years, customizations like these are worth the time they’ll save you.

Magnetic strips like this one can be installed virtually anywhere to store small implements like tweezers and as a bobby bin “holder.”

Customization like this one takes advantage of small spaces to add shelving.

A good carpenter can design custom pull-out cabinets to fit even very small areas and add in functional elements like in-drawer electrical outlets that are going to save you time and help you keep your bathroom tidy.


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