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Gym, Meet My Dance Floor!

Gym, Meet My Dance Floor!

As you know from some of my recent posts, I love the gym and I love fitness classes; the buzz, the people and the BURN.

One thing I love just as much?

A big fat night out!

At a club or music festival, thanks to the music (and sometimes the vodka), you can manage five hours of high-intensity cardio and still scream for more as you are dragged home by your mates! Away from Saturday, I kept thinking about my club mix and how I needed that kind of boost in my gym sessions because I’ll admit, I’m a bit over the Club House Mix 2007 CD at my local Virgin Active Gym.

How good would it be, I thought, if you could get the buzz of a live club while actually improving your health?!

Gym, Meet My Dance Floor!

It turns out I wasn’t the first person to have this brainwave. After some online searching, liking, and stalking I discovered Beat Box Fitness and then this photo on their Instagram…


Beatbox Fitness is a cardio kickboxing class. The twist? You guessed it, LIVE IN-HOUSE DJ!

It was founded by a badass beatboxer, Ailin Shvartbart who wanted to bring her love for live music and kickboxing together. Her studio has resident DJs who mix a range of styles from techno to house. Their customers testify that they are blessed with the ability to give you that ‘after concert’ high even after a busy day at work. What I love about this concept is that they are so innovative in what they are doing; blurring the lines between fitness and fun.

Fun Jackie…meet Health-Conscious Jackie.

I love the concept! Plus, I am a huge fan of small studio workouts. They seem to genuinely care about your goals, and often the studio’s owners work on the floor and have a vested interest in the success of the business. This means they know you and the classes.  They also try to shake things up so the routines don’t get boring.

What inspires me about kickboxing classes is, they don’t just make me feel totally badass… They also help me:

  • Blast weight and tone up fast. Sammie Kennedy, CEO of Femme Fitale, says“Kickboxing alone burns about 750 calories in an hour,” making it my first choice post-holiday or after a binge.
  • Learn Self-defense– Kicks, punches, knee-ups, and bobbing and weaving are skills that a city girl (unfortunately) may need at some point.
  • Relieve Stress– Bad day at work? No problem, you can imagine your mean colleague is standing directly in front of you throughout the class.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sadly, Beatbox Fitness has one huge downfall for me…and it’s a killer…

They are trendsetting in New York City, and I am in London 🙁

If you are living in or visiting New York City soon, go here to book your class at their Times Square studio now!

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