Quora, a Reddit-like platform where people get life advice (among other things), is one of my favorite social media spaces. On it, there is no shortage of everyday people (non-experts) who have sage advice that can help to reinforce some things you already know.

In this article, I am going to share some of the best advice on this thread to help you stay productive.

1. Vibhuti Raina and Everyday Productivity

Vibhuti made a great point that productivity can be derived from anything, including reading, doing housework and watching an educational film. With that in mind, don\’t just reach for the remote when you get bored.

2. Nicolas Cole And Doing What\’s Important First

Time management experts have been advising this one for decades but it bears repeating. Nicolas reminded us that there is a big difference between what is “urgent” and what is truly important. With this in mind, remind yourself that for others, their stuff is always \”urgent.” You need to manage your time as if you are a business. If you don\’t get the important things done, you will fail in that business.

3. Kilian Merkert And Planning every day in advance.

The bottom line is that planning the day saves you time. I use my morning walk as a time when I plan out my day. I don\’t just think about what\’s important for me to get done, I also play them out in my mind, which many times remind me there may be a step I need to take first: get a form or paperwork, make a call, read and do research. Part of planning my day is making sure I factor in the time it will take to get the resources I need and get my ducks in order. When you think through how a task will get done, you\’re more likely to get to it.

4. The Eisenhower Matric (or Box)

The matrix is a tool to help you decide what\’s important and how to handle it.

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