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How to organize your shit (err clothes) using the Marie Kondo method

How to organize your shit (err clothes) using the Marie Kondo method

Inspired by Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Heather Young from Heather at Home tackled her wardrobe.

Her task: organizing every single item of clothing in her home. She did and her account of the process is, I think, very relatable. I also think her account can be helpful to anyone looking to make changes.

If you’re working on getting your shit (err clothes and other stuff) together, it can be helpful and even inspiring to hear how others did it. I want people to see not only the external steps but understand the internal steps (dialog) that take place when we decide to change.

  • Heather mentioned cynicism. Isn’t that always the way.
  • Heather and others decided to try the Kon Marie method because of the popularity of the book. Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing… here it’s inspiring.
  • Heather acknowledged being a hoarder. Admitting you have a problem is hugely important for you to commit to change.
  • She followed the method despite cynicism. She followed Marie’s suggestion on folding, organizing and to tackle things by category to a “T.” So often we want to cut corners.
  • Once you see it all together it really sinks in how much you have. This is basic psychology. seeing, doing and experiencing your stuff is a lot different from just reading the book, reading theory.

Something important happened to Heather from following the method and organizing her stuff. She got to experience her life and home organized. It’s one thing to read a book and quite another to follow through. By experiencing life and home organized, she knew she wanted more of “that” feeling.

Another takeaway from Heather’s experience is she started small, as the author/expert suggested. When we rush or become overwhelmed with change, we’re less likely to follow through. By tackling just her clothes and following Marie’s advice of tackling one category at a time, Heather observed important change principles: start small and do things in stages.

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