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I wanna be THIS woman (Una Senic)!

I wanna be THIS woman (Una Senic)!

I’m in my 20s and have no children but this mother of four is my inspiration and role model on femininity. The host of one of Serbia’s most popular shows “I ja imam talenat too” (a companion show to our “I’ve Got Talent”), Una Senic is showing us that #DoYou is the only hashtag worth following.

She can be sexy, engaging, spirited and funny — all at once.  She is a humanitarian with a “can-do” spirit, a big laugh, and an outgoing personality.  She’s also a bit of witch.

Years ago she confessed on her show to wanting a particular movie role and against so many odds, she is now realizing that dream.

She is brave and authentic

To me, a woman is most attractive when she’s comfortable in her own skin and in a culture like ours, that can be judgmental of sexy women, Una shows us how to be brave just by being herself! She owns her sexuality yet her wardrobe isn’t overtly sexy.  Her sexuality is mostly in how she communicates. Single ladies should watch YouTube videos of her (there are a couple) and take a lesson in how to behave around men: She invades their personal space and is a bit touchy, which guys can’t resist.

She is active

In a post giving you alternatives to the gym recently, Jackie told us how women find pole dancing to be good for their confidence — as well as a great workout.  Well, we can add Una to that list. Una has said about pole dance fitness:

[Pole dancing is] one of the rare physical activities that have attracted me…. The most attractive thing for me about this kind of dance is you work on internal strength and femininity which also shows on the outside of the body. ~ Una Senic

She has personal style

She is out there in front showing us how to have it all — as ourselves — with style.

Her style can be described as sexy/sporty with a touch of vintage or whimsy. It’s clear from her out-there choices, that she knows who she is. “I like to show how hot I am” she told Hello! Magazine but more than anything, she likes to feel comfortable and very often, look whimsical.


She has great friends and a personal life

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More than her career, she has said her family and friends are her priority.

She knows how to make her dreams happen!

There’s nothing better than seeing a person motivated by happiness. It’s infectious and inspiring. A recent project had Una filming “Plava krv” (“Blue Blood”) due out in 2016.  She dreamed about such an opportunity and worked hard to get it, and now her dream is coming true!

With dreams of my own and not nearly as many opportunities to pursue them as I’d like, it’s huge for me to see someone make difficult dreams happen.

I consider her a role model of sorts.  The lovely people around me who love and support me tend to want to protect me and tell me how great I am, even when it’s not true.  With someone like Una as my inspiration, I’m less inclined to settle for good enough. I am more motivated to change, grow and become my version of Una — the version of myself who is confident and comfortable in my skin.


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