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Ideas to brighten a dark room

Ideas to brighten a dark room

brighten dark room

The words “light” and “airy” doesn’t just sound better when you’re describing a living space, it feels better too. Insights from environmental psychology (that’s the study of how spaces and environments affect us) reveal that our spaces can dramatically affect our mood. But I bet you already knew that.

So, today, I want to share some tips to help you brighten your dark rooms.

1. Change your window treatment

Since we’re trying to let the sun in, we have to retire the heavy drapes. Sheers look more modern and work on most windows. And better yet – don’t you just love seeing sheer curtains dancing with the breeze? I feel lighter just thinking about it.

2. Go lighter on the paint

Because walls surround you and take up so much of your living space, lighter walls will make you feel surrounded by a lighter vibe. I’m a fan of white – I find it so soothing, that no matter what other colors I’ve tried in the past, I typically end up switching back to white in weeks. According to color psychology, white can be an intense and powerful color to use with your interior design. It can make a room appear bigger and more open, due to the reflection of light.

3. Rearrange the furniture

Get creative! Changing the placement of your sofa or other large furniture can open up your space by a lot. If you can relieve the room of even one piece you don’t use and don’t love, even better!

4. Change the legs on your furniture

One of the reasons Scandinavian and Mid-century styles are so enduring, is because they make a room feel more spacious. Furniture that is raised off the floor lets you see more floor space, and according to Feng Shui, also helps the energy in a room flow better. With a better flow, you feel lighter.

5. More lighting

To get more light, switch to bulbs with higher wattage or change fixtures for lights with more. Add task lights, lamps and candles at night. With one of each, you’ll get light from a few directions and sources.

TIP: If you suffer from any mood disorder, candlelit evenings should be your thing.


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