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How Meditation Makes You a Better Parent

How Meditation Makes You a Better Parent

So how were your parents at the whole parenting gig? Awesome? The worst? Something in between? If you’re like most people, you had parents who did the best they knew how to.

But therein lies the problem.

Many were never taught how to be effective parents, and despite your best intentions, you’re going to repeat many of their mistakes. Behaviors, once learned, don’t stop operating in our subconscious until we recognize them and work on them.

One of the most common traps for parents is seeing children as extensions of themselves. This expectation for our children to live up to something we never had or did, is commonly accepted in so many cultures, that it’s hard to recognize this behavior as potentially problematic. And that is just one of the ways we unwittingly become our parents.

There is good news though. If you keep paying attention, keep checking your intentions, and making the best choices you can do in each moment, you’ll be able to avoid many unwanted parenting habits you picked up from your parents. Conscious parenting can help you a lot with this.

What is conscious parenting?

Conscious parenting is based on unconditional love, guidance over traditional discipline, and respectful communication. It is about letting go of your ego, desires, and attachments. Instead of forcing behaviors on children, conscious parenting says you must focus on your own language, your expectations, and your self-regulation.

Conscious parenting is a framework that you can follow — or apply some of its principles — to help you become a better parent.

To learn more, start with Dr. Shefali, author of The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children.  She shares great conscious parenting ideas on her platforms.

…by trying to control our kids, we may miss who they are meant to be. – Dr. Shefali


Something else that will help you become a better parent (and person) is meditation.

How meditation makes you a better parent

Meditation retrains your brain and makes you more self-aware. From there, you begin to reflect more, make fewer emotional decisions, and improve your self-regulation skills. It helps you let go of your ego, desires, and attachments more easily.

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Mama Kat(rine) is proof that meditation makes you a better parent. On her YouTube channel, you can see firsthand what a calming presence she is for her son.

Behavioral scientists have confirmed that this calm is especially soothing for babies and beneficial to young children’s development.

Meditation helps Mama Kat be a peaceful, respectful presence for her baby and to be a more engaged parent. It is one of the best tools out there to help parents raise more focused, productive, successful teenagers and adults.

That’s right, children raised by parents who meditate and practice conscious parenting, act out less in their teenage years!

Who knew?

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