Mel Burgos’ Genius Bookcase Shoe Storage

Your shoes have to be stored someplace but no one said that place couldn’t be bookcases that you pimp out! What natural hair blogger Mel Burgos of did in creating both shoe storage and organizing them to look like a collection, is one of those creative ideas worth sharing… and stealing.

As women, our love of shoes is legendary. Hello… Cinderella? Carrie Bradshaw? The average woman and any shoe sale? According to statistics, even during recessions when other retail sales slide, shoe sales remain steady or even see an uptick.


Oh, for the love of shoes!

We, women, love shoes. My own fascination with soles started thanks to my dad. Growing up, he would design and make a new back-to-school shoe for me at the start of every school year. Yes, I had one-of-kind shoes! Some were inspired by designs my dad saw in US magazines but often, they were his own inspiration. So I have to thank my dad for setting me on a path of loving shoes.


A couple of years ago, before I became a semi-minimalist, I had about 50 pairs of shoes and could have really used this genius hack. These days, I’m rocking a lot of Converse and my dress shoe collection is down to about 10, so I’m passing this on to you guys to copy appreciate the shoe game Mel Burgos has going on.



Short on space, Burgos used two wide 7″ deep bookcases to artfully show off some of her more stunning soles.

To break up the all-white look of the bookcases, she painted the back with stencils and gave it some serious style.

Adding a few books acknowledges that it’s a bookshelf. Notice how even the color of the books’ spine coordinates with the shoes on and around them? This is definitely a decorating look worth stealing and the bookshelf-as-shoe-storage idea is a project worth trying at home.

Christine Angelica

Christine is a Mindfulness trainer and Emotional Health Coach living in Los Angeles. She's big on meditation, routines, systems and personalization.

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