Olivia Wilde’s No-Fuss Beauty Routine

Who has the time for long complicated routines? Not us. Around here we love simplified everything, especially beauty and skincare routines. So we were taking notes as hippie princess Olivia Wilde walk us through hers, which is super simple and natural. The actress/filmmaker is passionate about caring for her skin but admits to being lazy too. She swears by natural and non-toxic formulas and recently became a brand ambassador for True Botanicals.

Skincare products used:

True Botanicals Nutrients Mist

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil


Affordable alternatives:

Mad Hydrating Hippie Nutrients Mist

Mario Baducco Mist


Tips from Olivia’s simplified beauty routine:

  • Use your fingertips for applications — you always have those with you.
  • Keep makeup simple but interesting.
  • Use products that play double-duty like blush/lipstick combo.
  • Give your brows some love.
  • Smile.


Anne Matea

Anne Matea is Vurb Magazine’s Beauty Editor and also a professional traveler. She is a Romanian native, currently living in Bucharest. Her vurbs include cooking and having friends over for long dinners and even longer conversations.

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