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OM Takes Over Facebook For World Yoga Day

OM Takes Over Facebook For World Yoga Day

 (This is how the world celebrated the first yoga day last year)





It’s a simple sound.


Yet so profound.


A sound that crosses religions, belief systems, and divisions.


In Yoga it’s Aum. In Christianity Amen. In Islam, Ameen.


The root sound beneath it all, it provides an opportunity to unite.


And that’s what’s happening in a very modern way.


Thousands of people across the world are putting the ancient symbol (ॐ) on their Facebook profile pictures in celebration of unity.


The movement, nicknamed the “Om Movement,” was started by the team at, a website that curates the best yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings across the globe.


It’s garnered instant support and adoption with a series of diverse companies coming on board to support. Everyone from Elephant Journal, Yogi Times, 1 Giant Mind,, Africa Yoga Project and a series of others has thrown in their support for the movement.




Click here to check it out.


It only takes a few clicks to add your voice to the collection of people who are striving for a better world.


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We have a responsibility as a generation to make a positive change in this world.


We have a responsibility to our children to leave this world a better place than we found it.


And the true message of yoga, union, is a step toward that.


June 21st is International Yoga Day. A day we can all come together in the name of union.


In the name of love.


In the name of life.


Let’s make this happen.

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