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Petite Style Inspiration From The Most Stylish TV Detective – Joan Watson

Petite Style Inspiration From The Most Stylish TV Detective – Joan Watson

I don’t know who made the decision to cast Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick as a woman and a sophisticated fashionista at that, but s/he deserves a lot of credit. Created by Robert Doherty (now I need to check out his other works), Elementary was a fresh and wonderful spin on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic. For those of us who are fans of good TV and fashion, Joan Watson‘s style kept us loyal for all 7 seasons.


This TV detective’s petite style was not short on creativity so I just got around to watching the final episode, take inspiration from the most stylish TV detective:


Wear above the knee or knee-length

The more legs you show, the longer yours will look. Joan wears tights when she wears shorter hems and mostly wear dresses and skirts that are knee-length. It also obeys the rule of thirds that makes petites look thinner and well proportioned.

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Wear well-tailored pieces

The number one tip for any stylish fashionista is a good fit and for petite women, the fit is even more crucial. Joan’s fitted styles look better on smaller frames because they remove the bulk.

jaon watson style
(Credit: CBS) You gotta love the fit and the details on this dress!

Wear interesting details

Joan wears clothes with subtle but striking details, especially around the neckline. For Spring 2020, the collar as the focal point of your entire outfit is a hot look that designers like Tory Burch, Prada (as usual) and others were showing at New York Fashion Week. When you shop, look for pieces with details like cutouts, feminine bow-ties, Peter Pan collars, and graphic prints.

Pro tip: Get a capelet or collar to add the feature to outfits you already own. A one-and-half-inch or two-inch-thick cloth ribbon that you rope around your shirt and tie into a bow is also an easy add-on.

Make the collar the focal point of your wardrobe.
(Photo credit: CBS) How cute is this bow-tie?
Joan Watson's Style
(Credit CBS) Joan is a “graphic artist” in this Marni dress from Season 4

Accessorize with simple jewelry and fab heels

For the same reasons you skip the bulky silhouette in your wardrobe, your petite style will look more polished when pulled together with simple jewelry. Peggy Li carries quite a few Joan-inspired jewelry and pieces from the show, as does a few Etsy shops. Joan Watson is a fan of delicate looking gold-tone jewelry and watches with leather (not metal) bands.

As for footwear, chunky heels will give you a more comfortable lift than stilettos and they happen to be Joan’s go-to style. Wedges and platforms are another way to get comfortable in your heels.

Joan Watson Style Inspiration
(Credits Peggie Li and CBS) Fab chunky heels


Wear black and white (or monochromatic colors)

Joan wears a lot of black-and-white outfits. Wearing either that classic color-combo or a monochromatic palette is a great way to elongate your petite frame.



Final tip:

You might have noticed that Joan’s pants always stop at the ankle. In addition to being a great way to show off all those fabulous soles of yours, it’s also a better cut for petite women. Cuff pants and jeans that are too long. Do the same with the sleeves of casual tops by pulling them up to your elbows. If you’re going for a vintage vibe, a 3/4 sleeve can look timeless. Cuffing sleeves and pants give your look proportion… not to mention, it looks cool.


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