10 Habits To Change Your Life

Do you often feel like your life is going nowhere?

Do you suffer from low motivation?

Do you worry that if you keep doing what you’re doing, your future will suck?

The way to overcome these worries and concerns is to replace your current habits, with ones that naturally make you more organized, focused, and confident.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, there’s a good chance that you’re struggling with low-motivation and maybe, with what’s called functional depression. Chances are, you lack structure (routines) and you have more negative thoughts than positive ones.

Well, you and I know that negative thoughts lead to negative behaviors. But it’s not very helpful to just tell you to “think positively,” is it? How do you do that? What habits will naturally override your negative thoughts with more positive ones?



The causes of low-motivation, lack of focus, and other chronic cognitive issues vary. Many of these can be transformed when we replace certain habits and with more helpful ones. The 10 habits I’ve compiled is a comprehensive list of habits to help transform the most common causes.

Reading is one such habit. Reading will not only improve your brain’s connectivity, but it also increases attention spans, focus, and concentration. And it can reduce negative self-talk. For the 15 minutes or hours that you’re reading, you will not be engaged with your negative mind. The stories that you’re reading can inspire you to act differently, see yourself differently, and behave in more positive ways.

Having routines is another habit that will change your life. With a morning routine, for example, you create a structure for 1-2 hours of your day. Over time, that structure will have a ripple effect and bring structure and discipline to other areas of your life.

Our diet and what we eat is so important. Today, what we’re learning from behavioral and neuroscience is that what’s considered low motivation and chemical imbalances in some people can be improved (by a little to a lot) by the food choices they make.

We’re also learning that what your mother ate while she was pregnant with you, could be affecting your behavior today.  If she was deficient in certain nutrients and minerals, parts of your brain may not have developed as it should.

Our lifestyle choices and daily habits affect our motivation in remarkable ways. In this guide, are 10 such habits. Together, these habits form a comprehensive and simplified DIY approach to fundamentally changing how you behave.

By changing your daily habits, you can become the more productive person you want to be. By switching out some of your current habits for these habits, you will become more focused, organized, and confident.


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