The SMARTER Approach to Make Your Life Awesome




Do you want to have great relationships, crush your personal goals, and get ahead in your career? Do you want your life to have meaning? Do you want to have a life while you’re at it? The SMARTER Approach to Life and Making Changes is a codification of some of the most effective ideas in personal development. These are key principles that we believe are the best shortcuts to create a successful life.


It’s personal development made easier


The SMARTER approach is about being…


Strengths focused: Successful people don’t become successful by doing (and fixing) what they’re not good at. They focus on what they do best and put most of their resources behind those things.

Mindful: Being mindful isn’t just a trendy lifestyle. It’s how we build muscle memory when we’re working to create new habits. It expands awareness and new habits are more likely to stick.

Active (non-busy) people have higher self-esteem and fewer incidences of depression. They take walks, ride bikes, sing in the shower, have sex, and prioritize fitness. They appreciate and use their bodies like the gift that it is.

Relationships first: Prioritize relationships and develop people-skills because getting along, networking, and having a great way with people is a smarter way to get promoted than working long hours.

Try your best when you encounter any type of resistance. Use self-talk to encourage yourself to find a way… to take a shot to get the guy or to get the job. It’s trying when trying means your best effort…today.

Engage: Fully engage with what you’re doing and with people. You’ll be more memorable (which translates into more opportunities), and you’ll experience activities and events more profoundly.

Repeat: It’s by repetition that we replace poor habits with better ones, and we become our aspirational selves by repeatedly doing aspirational stuff. Repetition is at the heart of commitment.


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