Readers tell us their fave quick & healthy breakfasts

By now we all know the importance of  “breaking the fast” and that skipping the first meal of the day is essentially like trying to start your car without petrol.

So for a follow-up to our our article on the importance of a nourishing morning routine, we had our readers tell us their fave quick & healthy breakfasts (brekkies). These five are quick, easy and delicious. Want to fuel your body, your mind, and stay sane until lunchtime?  Then read on…


Brekkie #1 by Kate: Smoothies


Why they are Kate’s fave:
No matter how much time I give myself, I’m always running out the house late and used to sacrifice my breakfast for an extra ten minutes in bed. Now that I’ve hit thirty, that is less cool and forgiving so I started making smoothies. I can enjoy it as I walk out the door.

Usually I make brekkie focused ones with fruits, honey and Greek yoghurt but really, you can use whatever ingredients you like. Now that I’ve been making them for a while, I love switching them up. Some days I add kale, other days mango and I love adding bananas; mainly because they fill me up!

Your Life Hack
Freeze cut up fruits and veggies in sandwich bags the night before, so all you have to do in the mornings is toss them in the blender and add your liquid ingredients.


Brekkie #2 by Samantha: Eggs


Why Samantha loves her eggs:
I think I should have shares in the egg industry in Australia because I preach about them so much. They keep you full, they are cheap and they have even been proven to help with cognitive function.

2 eggs, rye bread, avocado, feta cheese and sea salt

Your Life Hack
Fried eggs take literally 2 minutes for me in the mornings, so I highly recommend going with that for a quick brekkie. I cook them then add loads of crack black pepper and spinach – it satisfies my protein needs, keep me euphoric, and my belly doesn’t make a sound till 1 pm.


Brekkie #3 by Elinor: Oats



Why oats does if for Elinor:
Oats are so quick and convenient. I love having them every morning because they have such slow energy release- which means, I have energy and feel really great all day. My mates think they are boring but it’s far from that. I choose different ingredients to top them off with so I’m never bored.

Basic oats cost about 1 euro for a ton (haha). I like to add sultanas, coconut, chia seeds, Brazil nuts, or banana slices.

Your Life Hack
I pre soak the oats (and the chia seeds too if I’m adding them) into little pots the night before so I can quickly leave the house with it the next morning. I usually use soy milk as the base, but if I’m feeling adventurous, I  soak it in a fresh fruit juice, like orange or apple juice and add the fresh toppings the next day. It is so tasty!


Brekkie #4 by Marne: Pancakes


Why Marne is not afraid of carbs
I know it is quite a naughty choice, but I have a job where I am on my feet ALL DAY. If I know my week will be manic, I like to start my days with something quite filling and satisfying.  That they are!

Eggs, flour and milk and choice of toppings. I love wild berries, or goats cheese and spinach, but my all time favourite has to be honey and banana!  Yummmmmy!!

Your Life Hack
I keep my pancake mix in an old tomato ketchup bottle in the fridge, which is great for portion control.  When I’m ready, it’s really, really quick and the only decision I have to make is what to put on top.

Brekkie #5 by Kim: Peanut Butter Toast


Why Kim likes her quick & tasty brekkie
With the low carb trend, toast has gotten a bad rep.  There are so many great types of healthy bread – my favourite at the moment is Soy & Linseed. Bread for breakfast is filling and gives me energy.

Bread, a toaster and some type of topping. I love peanut butter or bananas (Hello, protein and potassium!) There are also many organic spreads you can substitute for peanut butter including almond butter and cashew nut butter. These also double up as a great additions to plain porridge!

Your Life Hack
Premium toppings can seem stupidly expensive but with a blender, oil and nuts you can literally
make industrial-sized jars of butter at home sans the unhealthy buttery bit!


As these ladies show, it’s a good idea to focus on something simple (like porridge) and experiment with ways and ingredients to make it enjoyable every single day!

The time between waking up and your first meeting can go by faster than the speed of light. So, it’s good to take a moment to fuel your body and relax in the morning with a breakfast that will get you through even the craziest days
Jacqueline Attwood

Jackie is a northern English girl living in 'The Big Smoke', London. She enjoys her work as a Digital Marketer and is passionate about multimedia including content creation and graphic design. She's almost as passionate about peanut butter as she is about fitness (which she needs to shift the peanut butter!)

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