5 Good Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

If the taste of water is hard for you to swallow, adding lemon will not only make it easier but its beauty benefits may just be the incentive you need. In this post, we’re looking at what we think are the top 5 reasons to drink lemon water every morning. Experts like nutritionist Lauren Talbot recommend having it on an empty stomach because it’s better absorbed by the body.

So what are those reasons (or benefits) to drink lemon water every morning?

1. Weight loss

Drinking lemon water in the morning will increase your body’s metabolic rate and is a widely popular weight loss hack. Having lemon juice with warm water on an empty stomach is said to work best.

Pro tip: Diets, as we know, are not sustainable, but incorporating the best features from your favorite eating plan or diet into your lifestyle can be. Take the master-cleanse for example. On the master cleanse, you drink a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water for days or weeks to lose weight. But once you’re off the cleanse, you quickly put the weight back on. Having a cup of lemon water every morning is a better way to cleanse-as-you-go. It’s more sustainable than the master-cleanse and has fewer ingredients.

2. Digestion

A balanced healthy digestive system is alkaline, and as it happens, lemon is alkalizing. When you have lemon water in the morning you help to avoid digestive issues later in the day by banking these nutrients for the body to utilize later. Another way lemon helps your digestion is its mild laxative effect, which can help to keep things moving and prevent constipation.

3. Habit Forming

One of the keys to forming new habits is doing them in the mornings. That’s when we’re most energetic and full of good intentions. By drinking in the morning, you not only get the great benefits, but you’re doing it when you’re most likely to get it done for the habit to become second nature.

4. Clear skin

Because it helps the body flush out all that bad stuff (toxins), lemon water helps you reduce acne and improves conditions like psoriasis and hyperpigmentation. By working with the liver to remove waste, you end up with a clearer complexion. The citric acid and vitamin C in lemon makes it the perfect natural bleaching agent. Rub the remains of a squeezed lemon half on dark spots and elbows.

5. Hydration

The holy grail of skincare is hydration. Drinking water alone will keep you hydrated and your skin supple, but adding lemon to your water will give your skin a glowing boost.



You Will Need:

  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 large heatproof cup
  • Warm, filtered water


  1. Squeeze the juice of one-half lemon into your mug/cup.
  2. Add the warm (NOT boiled), filtered water.
  3. Drink on an empty stomach.
Moka Hinds

Moka is an aspiring Psychologist and yoga teacher living in New York where having a big exuberant personality like hers comes in handy.