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Reese Witherspoon’s tips for a happy home

Reese Witherspoon’s tips for a happy home


In their version of “Celebrities are Just Like Us,” MyDomaine interviews Reese Witherspoon. I follow her on IG and loved learning even more about her home life so this interview is on the list of things I’m loving this week.

In the interview, Resse shares tips for a happy home and I thought, these are just the type of home life tips I want my readers to know about.


I couldn’t care less about where a celebrity goes out to eat. I’m not interested in snaps of them on yachts and obviously staged photos of their kids. But I do love to hear what they’re reading, what skincare products they’re using and loving (that’s not too pricey), how they get their kids to stick to a bedtime routine and in general, how they manage lives somewhat similar to real people’s. That’s exactly what Reese’s tips to MyDomaine are.

Reese is one of those people who seems to positively glow – always – so it came as no surprise that a happy home-life is a high priority for her. I believe how we spend time at home has a lot to do with our development as individuals. Cultivating a happy home life is super important to our wellbeing.

I loved learning her essentials for a comfortable guest bedroom because I like to fuss over my guests too. It has a lot to do with how I was raised. My family is very hospitable and go out of their way for anyone staying over. To this day when I go home to Jamaica, my family won’t let me lift a finger because to them, I am a guest. So, yeah, I definitely could relate to Reese on that. Some of you might appreciate how she gets her teenagers to stick around for family nights and I think we all can relate to her personal habits and routines.

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What do you think of Reese’s homey lifestyle? Don’t you think MyDomaine asked some meaningful questions?


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