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Steller Photo Stories to Love

Steller Photo Stories to Love

Are you using Steller? It’s the visual storytelling app that, IMO, has better storytelling capabilities than Instagram!

Creatives love it because it’s a great way to tell stories. The app has Facebook-like features built in and gives you the chance to create the iPhone equivalent of a coffee table art book.

Steller is structured a lot like Instagram with most (if not all) of its best features, but the app has a few sweet touches that IG doesn’t: There’s the ability to add clickable links, which your readers can open right within the app. It’s more fun to use because you can create multi-page stories with images, text, and video; then share them as e-books. And you can republish another user’s story right into your own collection without copyright infringement.

Here are some stories I’m loving on Steller now…




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