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6 success habits for wannabe entrepreneurs

6 success habits for wannabe entrepreneurs

It’s great to create the perfect vision board and to be positive about the future and all that, but for your entrepreneurial dreams to come true, there’s more you need to know about success and stuff you have to do.

These are the six success habits that I highly recommend to wannabe entrepreneurs:

1. Work your strengths

The “S” in Vurb’s SMART Mindset for Motivation stands for Strengths-focused. So as you can imagine, I highly recommend focusing on your strengths, but nowhere is it more beneficial than in business. For brands and businesses to stand out today, they can’t be like everyone else or try to please everyone. Follow the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule and put most of your effort into that 20 % of your work that will differentiate you and grow your business fastest. Outsource some of the rest of your work by bartering, using online talent, interns, friends, and family, and push to later when you have extra time. Although you’ll have to wear many hats as an entrepreneur, limit how many you wear because the reality is we just can’t do it all…well.

2. Know your why

If the only reason you’re starting a business is to get rich or leave a dead-end job, you may not inspire much loyalty or trust. Successful brands benefit from having a compelling Why that resonate with others. Simon Sinek and others who recommend the Why principle, suggest we ask ourselves the following questions to arrive at it:

  1. What do we do?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. For whom do we do it?
  4. Why do we do it?
  5. What value are we bringing?

3. Embrace hard work

While trying to do it all is doing too much, not putting in enough effort is another poor habit in the other direction. Focus on what matters most and embrace hard work. Don’t just talk about it–-be about it! Be willing to work hard at your dreams. Be willing to sweat and bleed for it. Be willing to do what 99% of people aren’t. Be willing to go from a night owl to a morning person. Be willing to stop buying trendy or expensive clothes and even give up frenemies.

And if you can find something you truly love, the idea of working hard, won’t be that hard to embrace.

 4. Have a clear vision

A vision gives us the ability to see beyond what is to invent what doesn’t now exist. Visualization can be a POWERFUL habit to do regularly. It can give you more focus and drive as you imagine, not how your brand is kicking ass, but benefiting others.

Your Why is usually wrapped up inside your mission statement. It is the heart of why you’re in business and best when stated simply:

  • I want to help women love their bodies.
  • I want to bring affordable education to inner cities.
  • I want to remove the stigma of talking about mental health.
  • I want to build tiny houses as affordable options to homelessness.
  • I want to build a more comfortable bra and free women’s breasts.
  • I want to help people see more of the world.
  • I want to help people have better more meaningful home lives.
  • I want to make coaching more accessible and doable.

That last one is my own vision. By focusing on it regularly, I look for and find creative ways to make challenges I assign doable and all the directions the brand takes will be to make it more and more and more accessible for users.

I know that to make the challenges, assignments, and inspiration doable, I can’t just show people what to do or make it simpler, I also have to encourage them to believe in themselves and add mindset transformation work to the process.

5. Make your own courage

There will be days when you want to give up. Here’s a tip: If you can afford to, hire a coach who has had success in the field you’re pursuing or seek a mentor, even a virtual one.  Their experience and the perspective they can provide can make all the difference in getting you past the uncertainties that will come up. Another good support system is a group of like-minded people (aka other hustlers) who you network with regularly.

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6. Prepare and go for it!

Trying to perfect your credentials and skill-set before you begin is so last year! Eventually, we all come to a point where taking more courses, workshops, and over-preparing isn’t helping. It’s often about fear. Do things to fear less, and forget trying to be fearless. Hold someone’s hand, and jump. Ask yourself, what will make me feel a little more confident and go about setting up those things.

Preparation and planning are important but there’s only so much prepping and research you can do. Embrace starting small! Some of the most successful businesses and people first set up offices in their basements or used coffee shops and local libraries as their office. They’re using Facebook groups and Tumblr as their first online presence and found their first customers on Etsy and in their neighbors, at church, at work, and among friends.

The coach says…

It will take lots of little steps, some big leaps, detours, failures, and setbacks before you actually get to the vision in your head. Don’t get too bogged down by what you don’t have. Go for it as soon as you’re sufficiently ready.


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