The pandemic affected us all physically and emotionally, so if you’re still recovering and haven’t gathered up your fashion courage yet, that’s okay. One thing is clear as we head into summer 2021: we’re not all on the same page when it comes to getting dressed.

Some women are approaching fashion with sheer ebullience while others want to cling to their sweats and PJs a little longer. But no matter what headspace you and I are in, “real clothes” and perfume are back in style this summer.

In this my first post for Vurb, I want to share my suggestions to take you through the next few months, no matter what your post-COVID fashion feels.

If You Want To Stay In Your Comfort-Zone

With your new flexible work-from-home schedule, you’re going into the office much less than you used to, and you don’t need to “dress up” when you do go in. I think a dressed-down look that you can dress up when you need to, would be great for you.

What to buy: A shirt dress or this black midi dress will look professional yet feel comfy when you go into the office. Drawstring pants paired with cool tees and flats in a neutral color can be your go-to casual look.

If You’ve Put On Some Weight

Did you gain the COVID-15? According to Gateway to Mental Health Services, prolonged anxiety can lead to either under-or over-eating, so your weight gain was only natural. And it’s a healthy move on your part if you’ve decided to ignore the scales for now and get on with living your life.

What to buy: I’m loving plissé midi skirts right now, which look great on all body types. Another summer trend that will fulfill your fashion goals is extra-wide-legged pants and culottes. You’re going to see them everywhere this summer. Dresses and tops that don’t have a defined waist is another great look when you don’t want to worry about your waistline. A must-have is a denim jacket. And because heels will help to even out your proportions, add a pair of wedge heels to your wardrobe. If you get a versatile wedge, you’ll be able to wear it with everything!

If You’re Ready To Get Back To Runway-Style

For you, the lockdown felt like the worst kind of pajama party, and you’re so ready to get back to dressing up every day. Well, you will have a LOT of new looks, trends, and fashion must-haves to choose from. Experts are predicting that after the slouchy fashion year we just had, women like you are going to want to make up for it. They expect the next few months and years will fulfill fashion dreams you didn’t even know you had.

What to buy: Puffy sleeves and Amish-looking statement collars are some of my favorite looks for ladies who love fashion. You’re going to be thrilled at all the spring-inspired colors you can get everything in. You should be able to find pantsuits, shorts, dresses, handbags and everything you want in pastels and yellow if that’s what you’re looking for. Another fashionista-level trend of the moment is unique and period-looking pieces. You can see it in the small handbags, fairytale-looking dresses, and unique sunglasses available.

If you’re rethinking your entire style

If like Mal Durham, you’re rethinking your entire personal style, you may not want to add anything to your wardrobe until you’ve sorted out your new style. Activewear is a practical solution for you. It’s a great summer look that you can take with you to your next style phase, whatever it might be. Something else that I like about activewear is how it can make you feel. Many women say activewear makes them feel stronger, more positive, inspired to work out and do other healthy habits. Maybe I should be wearing activewear!

What to buy: If I were styling you, I’d get you some art-inspired leggings like these by Nube, the sustainable activewear brand. Art-inspired leggings can be paired with a tailored jacket, a long shirt, shirtdresses, or cardigans—a look that works for many summer occasions. You can wear this look to concerts, museums, parks, on dates, and even to work, depending on your HR rules. Also, pick up a few tank-tops with lightweight support built in. You can wear them as a low-impact sports bra, then throw on a cardigan or any top over it to run errands.

Coming out of lockdown, women’s emotions are all over the place when it comes to fashion but no matter how you’re feeling, there’s a look to help you get up, get dressed, and show up looking fabulous.


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