Sunday Meditation

Why Meditation

Our emotions are at the center of all our drama. They get us in trouble all the time causing depression, lost friendships, inability to stay on track of our goals, and so much stress.

Meditation is a tool that fills in many of our emotional gaps to make us more self-aware. When you meditate, you will begin to manage your emotions better so you can stay on track with anything you’re working on, have fewer bouts of depression, and get better at managing (and enjoying) your life.


The Zoom class is hosted by Christine. Please contact her at with any questions not covered on this page, but here’s the skinny:

This group meditation will run approximately 45 minutes.

  • 5 minutes for check-in
  • 20-minute meditation
  • Post-session wrap-up with Q&A.

Price: $29 a month

Price includes mindful text reminders throughout the week and other support.

Your first meditation session is free so you can be sure this is right for you.

Zoom Meditation Recommendations

  • “Arrive” a few minutes early so we can all be settled to start on time.
  • You can decide as you enter the Zoom room if you’d like to have your camera on or not.  The advantages of having the camera on are that I’m able to see everyone’s posture to help guide you. Being on camera is also a great way to connect with the community and help the group get to know you.
  • The sessions will be automatically muted for all.
  • At the end of the session, I will unmute, and those who remain in the Zoom room are free to ask questions either via audio or via the chat feature.  This wrap-up segment will be limited to 5 minutes.