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7 Ways Successful People Are Different

Many say that successful people are “just like the average person.” Well that may not be entirely true. After researching hundreds of successful people, it was found that they share a few commonalities that is starkly different to the way most people behave. Whether or not these attributes are the ones that guarantee success, no …

Life & Work Skills

Focus, focus

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR: Rashinar Gajjar Learning to focus has (ironically) been a focus of mine for most of my life. Ever the fidgety child, my parents put me in Taekwondo between the ages of six and ten. This was meant to teach me discipline (or, as I saw it, a punishment for wriggling around too much on …


6 success habits for wannabe entrepreneurs

It’s great to create the perfect vision board and to be positive about the future and all that, but for your entrepreneurial dreams to come true, there’s more you need to know about success and stuff you have to do. These are the six success habits that I highly recommend to wannabe entrepreneurs: 1. Work …